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ELivate as high performance battery for forklifts in 2018 available in Europe

LITARION produces lithium-ion battery cells for high performance applications, such as mobile and stationary electrical energy storage, industrial applications and other conveyor vehicles, or mobility applications. Batteries from LITARION have demonstrated excellent cycle life data and, due to the unique full ceramic SEPARION™ separator, exhibit outstanding safety properties in all relevant abuse scenarios.

LITARION is certified according to automotive quality standards (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949) and has many years of experience in serial production e.g. 16.500 of Daimler’s e-Smart EVs have been equipped with cell components. Together with its mother company, Electrovaya, the portfolio also covers battery modules as versatile building blocks for larger systems as well as development and production of system solutions such as large scale energy storage containers. LITARION starts 2018 selling Electrovaya’s ELivate forklift battery systems after successful deliveries to Walmart, Mondelez and others in North-America and Europe as well! Everyone is invited to calculate the advantages for his application with LITARION.

Source: Litarion GmbH