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engcon launches a new size of ground compactor

engcon launches a new size of ground compactor
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engcon launches a new size of ground compactor


  • engcon introduces a new ground compactor model designed for larger excavators in the 19-tonne size class with S70 or S80 attachments.

  • The new PC model ground compactor features low-flow requirements and is optimized for use with a tiltrotator, enhancing safety by eliminating the need for personnel in potentially hazardous excavation areas.

  • Incorporates the EC-Oil automatic quick coupler system as standard, allowing for easy connection without exiting the excavator cab, saving time and reducing costs.

  • The launch represents an expansion of engcon's PC series, aiming to increase the versatility and profitability of larger excavators with efficient, smart tools.

  • The newly designed vibrator unit/generator in the ground compactor increases compaction force while reducing hydraulic flow requirements, with the added benefit of fewer hoses needed, minimizing maintenance and potential damage.

engcon, the world's leading manufacturer of tiltrotators, is now launching a new size in its range of ground compactors to suit the larger excavators in the size class from 19 tonnes with the S70 or S80 attachment.


engcon's PC models of ground compactors have low-flow requirements and are specially developed for use under a tiltrotator, reducing the number of machines and tools required. In addition, safety is enhanced because no one has to be down in an excavation area that risks collapsing from the vibrations.

Like other hydraulic tools from engcon, the EC-Oil automatic quick coupler system is standard on the ground compactors. This means that you can connect them without having to leave the cab. The hydraulics are automatically connected with EC-Oil, which means that you save both time and money. Previously, engcon's PC models were available in smaller sizes - now a new model is being launched for the larger excavators.

“Incredibly fun to be able to offer another size in our PC series. This is another step in broadening our range, regardless of the size of the excavator, the end customer should be able to use our smart and efficient tools in their daily work to increase profitability” says Martin Engström, product manager at engcon.

Advantages of the engcon PC models:

  • Adapted for tiltrotators with EC-Oil.

  • EC-Oil automatic quick coupler system comes as standard.

  • More areas of use with a tiltrotator, where it was previously impossible to work, for example on steep slopes or embankments.

  • Newly designed vibrator unit/generator that increases compaction force whilst also reducing hydraulic flow.

  • No need to lift hand-operated ground vibrators that risk being dropped or swinging into personnel or the surroundings.

  • Fewer hoses to break and fray as no oil drain line is needed.

Source: engcon