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engcon secures important order in the DACH region

engcon secures important order in the DACH region
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engcon secures important order in the DACH region


  • engcon, a global leader in manufacturing tiltrotators, has obtained a significant order worth 12 MSEK in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

  • The order represents the commencement of a partnership with ZD – Solution KG, engcon's new distributor for the DACH region, focusing on tiltrotator sales.

  • Krister Blomgren, CEO of engcon Group, highlights the strategic importance of the order for expanding market presence in the DACH region without impacting engcon's sales and production lines.

  • The collaboration agreement with ZD – Solution KG was signed in October 2023, marking a positive outlook for future endeavors.

  • ZD – Solution KG will be responsible for purchasing tiltrotator bodies from engcon and integrating them with various quick couplers popular in the DACH region, such as Lehnhoff, Likufix, and System Martin.

engcon, the leading global manufacturer of tiltrotators, has secured an important order in the DACH region, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This order, with a total value of 12 MSEK marks the first step of the collaboration with ZD – Solution KG, engcons new distributor in the region. The primary focus of this partnership is the sale of tiltrotators.

–This is a strategically important order for us, states Krister Blomgren, CEO of the engcon Group. The partnership with ZD – Solution KG allows us to expand our market presence in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland without creating unnecessary challenges to our own sales and production lines. Taking this crucial initial step in that direction is a positive indicator for the future, he adds.

The collaboration agreement was signed in October 2023. Under this agreement, ZD – Solution KG commits to purchasing engcon's tiltrotator bodies and installing them on quick couplers not offered by engcon, such as Lehnhoff, Likufix, System Martin and other widely used couplers in the DACH region.

Source: engcon