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Epiroc working tools, more than just another piece of steel!

Epiroc working tools for hydraulic breakers are high quality, reliable and provide optimal durability. They are the right choice to protect your investment in Epiroc breakers and to contribute to a low life-cycle cost and increased availability.


The work tools for all brands of hydraulic breakers ensure the high Epiroc quality standard, are reliable and guarantee optimal durability. They represent the right choice to protect the breakers' investment and help to lower the life cycle cost and increase productivity. Advanced heat treatment and strict quality control determine the maximum durability of all work tools.

Working tools have three main functions:

  • Transfer “all” the impact energy from the piston to the rock, for maximum efficiency

  • High wear resistant behavior to keep the running cost of the breaker under control

  • Avoid damages on the main components of the hydraulic breaker

The right tool for the right job

Epiroc ClassicLine tools are the standard choice for all kinds of applications, with an excellent ratio of percussive performance to weight.
Dimensions, material properties and tip geometry of ClassicLine working tools have a major impact on reliability, wear behaviour, performance and productivity. In addition, a wide portfolio of tip shapes allows you choose the optimal tool for each application.

ProLine is the new state-of-the-art portfolio of working tools for Epiroc breakers. An exceptional combination of raw material with high nickel content and a special hardening process empower the tools to resist high external forces and wear, particularly under hard and abrasive rock conditions.

A specially designed tip helps to flush out dust from the impact area, enabling faster reposition of the tool and reduction of loose rock in the impact area.

Source: Epiroc Italia Srl