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ESCO Attachments – Top Choice for Tough Applications

ESCO delivers a full line of excavator attachments developed to meet the demanding needs of contractors, rental customers and quarry operators - especially in the toughest applications. In addition to offering a complete line of value-added construction attachments, ESCO’s dedicated staff will ensure your equipment operates efficiently while achieving maximum productivity and profitability.


The comprehensive bucket offering includes standard- duty ditch and clean-out buckets to heavy-duty options to extreme-duty buckets with full wear protection for severe abrasion and impact conditions. All tooth style buckets come standard with ESCO’s market leading Ultralok® tooth system for exceptional performance.

ESCO excavator buckets can be ordered with a matched thumb in either hydraulic or rigid style. Our thumbs are precision made with premium grade T-1 plate in all critical components to provide excellent performance and durability. All ESCO hydraulic thumbs come with full hardware kits for installation.

The advanced PosiGrab® hydraulic coupler was developed to increase productivity and optimize site safety. Our coupler is a top choice for construction professionals. Precision manufactured to exacting standards, our coupler is engineered to reduce stress points for improved machine performance. The PosiGrab coupler will pick up attachments within the same machine weight class for increased machine versatility.

The unique coupler design features mechanically engaged locks in both the front and rear of the coupler and remain locked independently through the full working cycle. The natural position is locked and only opens using forced hydraulic pressure. All attachment pick-up and release actions are done without leaving the safety of the cab, including the visual confirmation that the front and rear locking mechanisms are properly engaged. 

Source: ESCO Group LLC