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Excellent CE-certified Mobile Crane performance for the European market

At the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery - BAUMA in Munich - PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes sets the starting signal for entering the European market. With an upgraded and CE-certified product range of powerful Mobile Cranes the international crane manufacturer meets all requirements, the European market demands.


PALFINGER SANY’s CE-certified Mobile Cranes are ready for entering the European market. The international crane manufacturer offers a wide range of Mobile Crane models with CE-certification, including Truck Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes and Truck-Mounted Telescopic Cranes. Within a short time the highly versatile PALFINGER SANY All Terrain Crane models will be certified for the European market as well.

PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes are indispensable on international construction sites in many parts of Russia, Africa, Middle East, North America and South East Asia. The powerful Mobile Cranes are willingly used due to the flexibility in different areas of operations. Within its upgraded and CE-certified crane models PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes is pleased to entering the European market.

PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes is ready for entering the European market

At BAUMA 2016 in Munich, the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes will introduce the innovations for the European market to facilitate working on construction sites, road building and a broad variety of loading and lifting operations.

The disposal of the CE-certified Mobile Cranes has already started. The noted Turkish construction company Yapi Merkezi, which also has a large number of construction projects in Europe, already ordered eight PALFINGER SANY Truck Crane models, as well as two All-Terrain Crane models for its building projects. This new order is in additional to their previous 2 batches of orders, for 13 units of cranes ranged from 25T to 130T.

PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes will break into the European market with its powerful CE-certified product range with excellent performance. Therefore a special dealer recruitment program is provided. Together with the PALFINGER AG and a very strong existing network all paths are open for expansion.

„We are looking for strong European retailers to build a powerful dealer network for our European customers. The European market is extremely interesting and with our powerful CE-certified product range we can meet all requirements this market demands, providing an alternative to the lifting solution which is simply effective.. We are very proud of our existing partners and dealers and an excellent range of Mobile Cranes for entering the European market”, said Yan Zhang, Project Manager of PALFINGER SANY Int. Mobile Cranes Sales GmbH.

CE-certified PALFINGER SANY Mobile Crane models for the European market:

  • Powerful, compact and highly manoeuvrable Truck Cranes:

STC250, STC500, STC750, STC800, STC100C and STC1300C

  • Rough Terrain Cranes with excellent off-road performance:

SRC350, SRC550 and SRC750

  • Truck-Mounted Telescopic Cranes:

SPC250, SPC320 and SPC400

  • All Terrain Cranes for combined road and off-road performance:

SAC1800, SAC2200 and SAC3000

CE-certified PALFINGER SANY All Terrain Cranes will also be available for the European market within a short time.