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The segmented transfer plates prevent parcels from forming blockages at transfer points in belt conveyor systems.  (Photo credit: Flexco Europe GmbH)
Flexco Europe GmbH Europe
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The segmented transfer plates prevent parcels from forming blockages at transfer points in belt conveyor systems. (Photo credit: Flexco Europe GmbH)

Inter Airport Europe 2019: The Flexco way to more efficient belt conveyor systems


With its stand at Inter Airport Europe (8th to 11th October, Munich), Flexco will be present as an exhibitor at a trade show for the airport sector for the first time. In Hall B5, Stand 1318, the specialist for mechanical belt fastening systems will be showcasing its segmented transfer plates as well as other solutions. These extremely smooth components prevent suitcases or parcels from forming blockages in belt systems. This avoids damage to baggage as well as to the system itself. Operators benefit from more efficient systems and fewer downtimes.

In airports, it is important to be able to transport cases and parcels reliably on conveyor systems. However, blockages at the transfer points between belts or at the transfer chute are a recurrent problem that can cause items to spill off onto the floor. These blockages can damage the belts while falls can be harmful for baggage and parcels. That is why segmented transfer plates are part of Flexco’s portfolio. With a low coefficient of friction, they work in combination to ensure reliable transfer points at which the conveyed items slide over the plates without difficulty. The two variants support belts of up to 1,524 millimeters and gaps of 100 to 250 or 75 to 150 millimeters, respectively. Their bright yellow color helps maintenance personnel supervise the individual segments and replace them quickly if necessary.

Flexco will also be exhibiting the Hitch Guard hitch protector, another practical solution from Flexco that permits the reliable transfer of the conveyed items. This ensures that no small objects can become lodged at critical locations on the conveyor belts and consequently prevents belt damage. If foreign bodies become jammed along the belt profile then individual segments become detached from the axis. However, the other segments do not move. The result is a high level of operational efficiency. The segments are easy to install. If optical scanners are used in the systems then Flexco can also provide an optional mounting design. In Munich, Flexco will present a model that demonstrates how the segmented transfer plates and the hitch guard operate at a conveyor belt.


The Novitool Aero 3 is an efficient splice press that Flexco will be exhibiting at the trade fair. This allows users to splice their PVC or polyurethane conveyor belts in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the solution’s recipe memory, it is also possible to ensure consistent high-quality results - a particular advantage for service companies. All of the components necessary for the splicing process are integrated in the press. The width of the heat zone is 150 millimeters.

At Inter Airport, Flexco will also present its flat, non-metallic ANKER spiral lace fastening system. These joins are ideal for applications with metal detectors – making them absolutely perfect for airport use. Operators particularly benefit from the rapid assembly capabilities. The system provides a simple way of joining two belt ends that are connected by means of a hinge pin.

FLEXCO at Inter Airport Europe: Hall B5, Stand 1318

Source: Flexco Europe GmbH; a1kommunikation Schweizer GmbH