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FPT Industrial powers The 2024 Best Utility “Tractor Of The Year” with its F36 engine

FPT Industrial powers The 2024 Best Utility “Tractor Of The Year” with its F36 engine
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FPT Industrial powers The 2024 Best Utility “Tractor Of The Year” with its F36 engine


  • FPT Industrial's F36 engine powers the McCORMICK X5.120 P3-DRIVE, which won the 2024 Best Utility "Tractor of the Year®" at AGRITECHNICA 2023 in Hanover, Germany.

  • The Tractor of the Year® awards, established by 'Trattori' magazine in 1998, honor innovation in the international tractor sector, with this year's jury consisting of 26 agricultural journalism professionals.

  • The award-winning McCormick X5.120 P3-DRIVE is recognized for its compactness, robustness, versatility, and compatibility with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (HVOs), making it an ideal daily utility vehicle for farming.

  • FPT Industrial's F36 Stage V engine offers a flexible solution for light to midrange applications, delivering high performance, low operating costs, and a compact design suitable for agricultural equipment.

  • The F36 engine features a maintenance-free HI-eSCR2 system for Stage V emissions compliance, enhancing sustainability and efficiency while providing extended oil change intervals and simplified maintenance.

  • Technical specifications of the F36 engine include a 4-cylinder layout, common rail injection system, wastegate turbocharger, and the ability to produce 84 kW of power and 460 Nm of torque.

  • FPT Industrial emphasizes its commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency in agriculture, with a range of engine solutions including patented after-treatment systems and natural gas versions for a carbon-neutral footprint.

FPT Industrial’s achievements at AGRITECHNICA 2023, that took place in Hanover (Germany), will be hard to forget. The jury gave the 2024 Best Utility “Tractor of the Year®” (TOTY) award to the McCORMICK X5.120 P3-DRIVE tractor, powered by FPT Industrial’s F36 engine.


Launched in 1998 by Italian magazine ‘Trattori’, the prestigious annual TOTY awards recognize the latest innovations throughout the international tractor sector.
This year, the jury comprised 26 journalists, representing the most influential agricultural magazines, websites, TV programs and social networks across Europe.

The 2024 Best Utility “Tractor of the Year”, the McCormick X5.120 P3-DRIVE powered by a FPT Industrial F36 engine, was chosen for its compactness, robustness and versatile features, which make it the ideal utility vehicle for daily use on the farm, as well as for the possibility to be fueled with HVOs.

The F36 Stage V represents FPT Industrial’s flexible solution for light and midrange applications above 56kW (75hp), delivering high performance and low operating costs with a very compact layout, which is key for agriculture equipment applications in this size.

The engine powering the 2024 Best Utility “Tractor of the Year®” is capable of up to 105 kW and 600 Nm and features improved engine hardware including a special turbocharger and optimized piston design.
Stage V emissions requirements compliance is guaranteed by FPT Industrial’s maintenance-free HI-eSCR2 system, optimizing sustainability, efficiency, uptime and ease-of-use.

Reduced operating costs come courtesy of oil change intervals of up to 600 hours, and a specific design that allows fuel and oil filters to be installed on the same side of the engine for easier and faster maintenance.

FPT Industrial F36 engine for McCORMICK X5.120 P3-DRIVE<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FPT Industrial

FPT Industrial F36 engine for McCORMICK X5.120 P3-DRIVE
Certification: Stage V / Tier 4 Final
No. of cylinders / valves: 4L / 4
Injection System: Common Rail, 1800 bar
Turbocharger: WG
Displacement [liters]: 3.6
Bore x stroke [mm]: 102 x 110
Max power [kW] @ rpm: 84 @ 2200
Max torque [Nm] @ rpm: 460 @ 1400

Our engineering tradition and experience have led to the development of an increasingly wide range of agricultural engine families, characterized by higher performance and reliability. We offer the best solution for all agricultural applications, from tractors and harvesting machines to stationary equipment, providing the best aftercare services.
The tasks in a farm are varied and sometimes very complex, but nothing is impossible when powered by FPT Industrial engines. Depending on the requirements of the mission, they can adopt variable-geometry and two-stage turbochargers, high-pressure Common Rail injection while leveraging on patented after-treatment systems.

The Brand engines respect the environment while increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance.
We were the first, in 2011, to introduce an SCR-only solution on Diesel engines for agricultural applications, enabling farmers to comply with the strictest environmental regulations without affecting productivity. Since then, the development of our patented HI-eSCR and HI-eSCR2 technology has further improved the after-treatment system and its benefits in terms of engine breathability, fuel efficiency and reduction of maintenance costs. Our pioneering natural gas versions, with diesel-like performance, leading the introduction of alternative fuels in the Agriculture market, are compatible with CNG, LNG and biomethane. They are not only the most viable and sustainable solution available today, but they also allow the use of self-produced biomethane, ensuring a carbon-neutral footprint.

Source: FPT Industrial

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