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Genie bauma 2019 preview

Highlighting the latest “green” Genie® power technologies, full line of Genie Xtra CapacityTM (XCTM) telescopic boom lifts, new telematics solutions and new accessories Roosendaal, The Netherlands (28th January 2019) – Focusing on taking the customer experience to the next level, as part of a line-up of 17 products at bauma 2019 – booth n° FM 711, Genie invites attendees to discover its expanding new generation of “green” work platforms, full range of Genie® Xtra CapacityTM (XCTM) telescopic boom lifts, new Genie Lift ConnectTM Telematics solutions and the brand’s latest productivity accessories. “Focusing on cleaner and more versatile solutions adapted to the demands of today’s European construction and maintenance sectors, with e-driven technologies and ‘green’ Genie products, rental and contractor customers will find that they have the productive, emissions-free solutions they need to rise to the challenges of today’s market to tick all the right boxes even in the most demanding calls for tender,” says Simona Martini, Genie Marketing Director, Terex AWP, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia region (EMEAR). “And, we are pleased to announce that the Genie S® XC telescopic boom lift range is now complete. Operators can now benefit from the same extended dual lift capacity, and Genie XC design features that are common to all these machines, to work more efficiently and productively.”

NEW Genie S-45 XC Boom Lift


Following the introduction the Genie SXTM-135 XC, SX-125 XC, SX-105 XC, S-85 XC and S-65 XC models, the new Genie S-45 XC boom lift rounds off the telescopic Genie XC boom family. (N.B. In a category of their own Genie SX-150 and Genie SX-180 booms lifts are not part of the Genie Xtra Capacity product (XC) range).

The modernized version of its predecessor, the new Genie S-45 XC boom offers a working height of 15.72 m (51 ft) and a horizontal reach of 11 m (36 ft 2 in). As applies to all Genie XC models, the new

Genie S-45 XC boom lift combines a consistent dual lift capacity of 300 kg (660 lb) unrestricted and 454 kg (1,000 lb) restricted to provide twice more lift capacity than its predecessor, as well as saving time by significantly reducing the number of up and down trips to reload the platform. This new standard, that is now consistent across the full Genie XC range, provides the ability to perform a wider range of heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial jobsites with up to three people in the platform, while still leaving room for tools and jobsite materials.

As part of the Genie XC capabilities, this new boom lift features automatic envelope control. This is the ability for the machine to retract the boom automatically as it reaches its operating envelope; it also allows for precise platform positioning and an enhanced operator experience. It is also equipped with

a load sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load chart, all while offering the ability to do zero-load field calibrations. Compared with its predecessor, this model’s gradeability has been improved to 45% making it the perfect fit for rough terrain jobsites.

Engineered with a redesigned boom structure that boasts increased performance and range of motion, the new Genie S-45 XC boom is equipped as standard with a robust jib that is easily capable of handling the maximum capacity. This new model will be available EMEAR-wide (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia region) as from April 2019.Genie S-45 TraX

NEW Genie S-65 TraXTM with Xtra Capacity Capabilities

With the new Genie S-65 TraX boom lift, the largest of four Genie TraXTM boom lift models, today customers can now benefit from the combined advantages of impressive terrainability and gradeability as well as Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) technology. With increased productivity in mind, this new- generation Genie S-65 TraX boom model, that offers a working height of 21.81 m (71 ft) and a horizontal reach of 16.51 m (54 ft 2 in), provides a dual lift capacity of 300 kg (660 lb) unrestricted and 454 kg (1,000 lb) restricted. As part of its Genie XC features, the new Genie S-65 TraX boom offers automatic envelope control, load sense cell technology and the ability to perform zero-load field calibrations.

At the same time as offering twice more lift capacity than its predecessor, this new generation track- mounted Genie boom lift retains its pioneering four-point track and patented active oscillating axle system to take on virtually any kind of tough or sensitive terrain.

A step ahead of traditional “skid steer” designs that have a full length track on each side, all Genie TraX boom lifts are engineered with a patented track and axle system. Featuring four independent triangular steel tracks encased in rubber at each corner of the unit, and a 30° steer angle that offers the drive and steer capabilities of a traditional front-wheel steer machine, each triangular-shaped track swivels 22°up and down to maintain constant contact with the ground. Thanks to this system, Genie TraX track-mounted booms adapt to extremely challenging rough or sensitive terrain and sharp changes in slope easily, including the break-over angle on many transport trailers. Enhancing the comfort of the operator experience while delivering excellent terrainability and maximized power and torque, this patented Genie track and axle system reduces damage to soft and sensitive surfaces ranging from wet grass, mud, sand and snow to harder uneven gravel, rock, concrete or asphalt-based surfaces. This new model, produced in Umbertide, Italy, will be available EMEAR-wide in Q1 2019.

NEW Genie GSTM-1330m Electric Scissor Lift

Thanks to its power-efficient e-drive system that offers industry-leading runtime for full day productivity and cleaner operation, the new Genie GSTM-1330m electric scissor lift offers rental and contractor customers the means of differentiating their business by adding more eco-responsible machines to their machine fleets. With environmental challenges in mind, this new “micro-sized” model responds to worldwide demand for “green,” compact, low-level access adapted to space and weight-restricted applications. With a maximum platform height of 3.9 m (12 ft 8 in) and a maximum working height of 5.9 m (18 ft 8 in), the new Genie GS-1330m scissor lift offers 227 kg (500 lb) lift capacity to take two people on the platform, a machine weight of just 885 kg (1,950 lb) and incorporates the Genie Smart LinkTM control system that simplifies troubleshooting with easy-to-read and user-friendly onboard machine adjustments and diagnostics. The Genie Smart Link control system is compatible with the Genie Tech ProTM Link handheld diagnostics tool.

Drive enabled at full height and in stowed position, in addition to the ability to climb up to 25%graded slopes, the compact dimensions of the Genie GS-1330m scissor lift make for exceptional jobsite accessibility and transportability. Measuring just 1.4 m (4 ft 7 in) long and 0.78 m (30 ft 5 in) wide and weighing less than the service elevator capacity limitation of 1000 kg (2,205 lb), the Genie GS-1330m scissor lift is able to access jobsites previously off limits to heavier slab scissors and vertical masts. Heavy-duty and rental-ready, this new “micro-sized” scissor lift’s top applications include construction access task in space-restricted or congested locations, such as offices, high-rise and retail spaces, as well as facility maintenance duties. Produced in Changzhou, China, this new model is available EMEAR-wide.Genie GSTM-1330m Electric Scissor Lift

NEW Genie “Hybrid” Boom Lift

Responding to today’s increasing environmental challenges and stricter jobsite regulations, bauma 2019 will also mark the premiere of a new Genie fuel-electric (FE) hybrid boom lift that, like its higher- lifting sister model features a “true” hybrid system. Offering all the unique benefits of the pioneering, Genie Z®-60/37 FE model, this new “2-In-1” Genie hybrid machine will combine the powerful 4WD all terrain abilities of traditional diesel-powered units, the emissions-free benefits of 100% electric solutions plus the ability to regenerate power to maintain the battery state of charge. With its two modes of operation that provide the ability to work, indoors and out all day or all night long using a single machine, this new model will also boast “intelligent” technology that saves energy and significantly prolongs battery life while reducing operating and maintenance costs for excellent rental returns of invested capital (rROIC).

More details will be revealed closer to the show.

NEW Genie Lift ConnectTM Telematics Solutions

Developed in direct response to rental customers’ unique business needs, the new Genie® Lift ConnectTM programme is a telematics offering focused on actionable information, flexibility and transparency. No matter what the size of an aerial equipment fleet — from 10 to 10,000 machines — equipment management is something that rental companies do every day. From knowing how equipment is performing or how often a piece is being utilized, to where each unit is or when it is ready for maintenance, machine data can provide a lot of insight to rental businesses.

“The world is changing,” says Christine Zeznick, Genie Sr. Product and Business Development Manager, Business Development, Terex AWP. “Our customers are operating their businesses faster and more efficiently than ever before, constantly looking for ways to add value and drive business growth. One technology that is opening up new opportunities for rental businesses is the use of telematics. We’ve designed the new Genie Lift Connect solution to share more information than other offerings available in the industry. This is truly an evolution in Genie’s telematics journey.” The Genie Lift Connect Telematics programme will be available in EMEAR from Q3 2019.

New Genie Lift GuardTM Contact Alarm for Scissor Lifts

Following a pre-production preview in the UK in May 2018, the Genie Lift GuardTM Contact Alarm system for slab scissor lifts and vertical masts will be officially launched at bauma 2019. Designed to provide a secondary operator protection equivalent to that available on boom lifts in a package that meets the unique needs of scissor and vertical mast lift applications, the Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm activates when an obstruction makes contact with any one of the whiskers mounted on the platform, alerting operators, occupants and ground personnel to a potential hazard.

“Based on feedback from our customers, unlike other alarm systems for scissor lifts and vertical masts by other brands, the Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm combines the performance benefits operators need without the interference of continuous beeps and alarms that are often an unnecessary intrusion,” says Lee Vickers, Genie Product Safety & Compliance Manager Terex AWP, EMEAR. “According to users, this efficient “easy-to-use” approach is a big plus that combines the ability to alert in the case of hazards, at the same time as enabling operators to get on with the job safely and productively.”

This new Genie alarm system includes one to two activation whiskers, depending on platform size, which can be expanded with additional activation whiskers. The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm is available globally in March 2019 as a factory-installed option on slab scissor and vertical mast lifts. A retrofit kit is available to allow for compatibility with Genie Smart Link system-equipped scissor lifts and vertical masts produced since 2011. Newly PPE-Certified - Genie Fall Arrest Bar

As part of its commitment to safety, Genie recently brought to market the bolt-on Genie Fall Arrest Bar accessory to provide operators more space to move around in safely when working on adjacent structures outside the platform. Today, since having successfully passed the dynamic fall arrest anchorage test in line with ISO 16368 as withstanding the force of a free-falling 136 kg (230 lb) test mass, the Genie Fall Arrest Bar is the first and only formally certified personal protective equipment (PPE) of its kind to meet current EU PPE regulations.

Taking the safety of workers to a higher level, the Genie Fall Arrest Bar extends the working reach outside and around the perimeter of the platform, enhancing ease of access and comfort when working on adjacent structures while keeping workers safely attached externally to the platform.

Compatible with all Genie 1.83 m (6 ft) or 2.44 m (8 ft) platforms, the Genie Fall Arrest Bar comprises a yellow, sliding, enclosed horizontal track that allows the lanyard to glide smoothly along the full length of the platform. Thanks to its simple bolt-on design, the portable Genie Fall Arrest Bar system is easy to install by a qualified service personnel for fast set-up or removal within 15 minutes.

Well-suited to a wide range of tasks, applications include roof installation and repair, chimney repair, aircraft and amusement park maintenance and inspection as well as an increasingly broad variety of general construction, maintenance and inspection tasks due to the evolution of today’s modern architecture.

In addition to its PPE certification, the Genie Fall Arrest Bar system also complies with static test requirements of both ISO 16368 and EN 795:2012 standards. Genie Tech Pro Link Hand-held Diagnostics Device

“At Genie, we put emphasis on service capabilities that are already integrated into the machines themselves, without the need for a laptop or other tools. The new Genie Tech Pro Link device is for customers who want to leverage these capabilities while taking their service to the next level,” says Zach Gilmor, Genie Product Manager Terex AWP, EMEAR

With convenience, comfort and accessibility in mind, the Genie Tech Pro Link tool is a handheld diagnostics device that allows users access to real time data, calibration or fault code information and gauges and to make settings adjustments such as speed and so much more — all from the palm of the hand. Described by operators as being easier to use than other similar tools, this new device combines smart, simple features with an integrated flashlight and a magnetic attachment for easy hands-free operation.


For Genie booms, the Genie Tech Pro Link device offers the advantage of being able to work from both ground and platform controls. For Genie scissor lifts, this means the ability to stand upright while using the Genie Smart Link diagnostics control system at ground level Purpose-built for use indoors and out, water resistant and MIL-spec shock tested for durability, the Genie Tech Pro Link device is currently compatible for use with ALC600 CAN-enabled control systems from S-40 XC to S-85 XC booms, as well as with all Genie Smart Link controlled Genie GS-electric scissor lifts produced since summer 2018. A retrofit kit with a simple connector is available for earlier Genie GS- electric scissor lifts units back to 2011.

Genie will be revealing more about its bauma 2019 product and service launches on a regular basis on its microsite.

Source: Genie