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Hertz Dayim Rental orders 93 Genie® units, Middle East

Featuring Genie® Xtra CapacityTM (XCTM) booms and Genie Lift ConnectTM telematics programme as part leading rental brands’ expansion


Marking its confidence in the Genie® brand in supporting its expansion, this January, Hertz Dayim, a leading premium full-service rental equipment and service provider in the Middle East – KSA, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait – concluded an order for 93 Genie units, featuring a broad mix of the brand’s new generation, high- performance hybrid, electric and diesel-powered telescopic and articulating boom lifts, scissor lifts and vertical masts.

Andy Cater, General Manager Hertz Dayim, Middle East and North Africa says: “We are one of the fastest growing rental companies in the region. Our investment in the last decade has ensured that Hertz Dayim has one of the youngest, and most technologically advanced equipment portfolios, across the Gulf.”

Gary Cooke, Genie Regional Sales Manager, Terex AWP for the Middle East at Terex Equipment Middle East LLC says: “Hertz Dayim has an excellent reputation, and as part of our relationship over the past year or so, we have seen just how discerning the company is in terms of the choices it makes. We are proud and thankful for Hertz Dayim rental’s confidence in Genie equipment and our team, and we look forward to supporting the success of its expansion in Bahrain and Kuwait in the long-term.”

Chris Brocklehurst, Country Director - Kuwait, Hertz Dayim says: “Backed by our research on customer requirements within Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), we see UAE and KSA countries and, Bahrain and Kuwait as markets with strong potential. In these countries, we notably see excellent prospects for the latest state-of-the-art aerial access equipment but also for power and lighting products.”

He continues: “With over 10 years of equipment rental expertise in the Gulf region, our investment over the last decade has always focused on offering high quality rental equipment and services. Hertz Dayim has had a long association with all the major manufactures on today’s market and stands behind the quality of the tools and equipment that we provide. Following a long and in-depth study, we chose Genie for its niche hybrid and electric technology, as well as the superior working envelope of the Genie SX-180 boom and the Genie Xtra Capacity boom lift line.”

Offering working heights from 43 m to 56 m, this new order from Hertz Dayim includes a 56- m Genie SXTM-180 boom lift equipped with the Genie Lift ConnectTM telematics solution and 33 state-of- the-art Genie XCTM boom lifts that, with an increased lift capacity of 300 kg (660 lb) unrestricted and 454 kg (1,000 lb) restricted, offer twice more lift capacity than the industry standard.

Brocklehurst adds: “In addition to the support provided by the local Genie team in backing our expansion, the new Genie Lift ConnectTM telematics solution, that is now fully operational in UAE and KSA, was also a key factor that influenced our purchase decision.”

Designed to provide customers the ability to share more information than other offerings available in the industry, the Genie Lift Connect telematics solution focuses on allowing fleet and service managers to take action through a variety of alerts and dashboards, helping not only to promote best practices by understanding machine utilization but also to manage their fleets more efficiently by remotely diagnosing equipment and planning preventive maintenance to minimize downtime and costly service visits.

Hertz Dayim’s equipment deliveries are ongoing and will be completed by Q2 2020.

Source: Terex Corporation