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HİDROMEK ranks among world’s top construction equipment manufacturers

HİDROMEK, globally known manufacturer of construction machinery, ranks once again on KHL’s Yellow Table. Accomplishing to enter Yellow Table for the seventh time, HİDROMEK is the first and only Turkish manufacturer that has ever ranked on the list.


KHL Group, which provides information to the whole world in respect of construction machinery and sets a reference for the whole industry, published “Yellow Table 2020” that specifies the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world. The list is prepared by annual sales figures of companies.  HİDROMEK ranks as the 50th on Yellow Table 2020.


HİDROMEK General Manager Ahmet Bozkurt said,

“We happily learned that HİDROMEK ranks on Yellow Table list one more time. I would like to extend my thanks to all of our team members, customers, dealers, suppliers, universities and organizations that we cooperate with and to all our friends who have contributed to this success. Our aim is to rank higher on Yellow Table in the upcoming years. With our R&D, design and production power, we strengthen our place in the global industry. Today, our machines operate in more than 100 countries on 6 continents. Expanding our dealer network that has widened to over 80 countries, diversifying our product range and meeting demands of our customers under one brand are determined as our main priorities. As before, we will continue working in the construction machinery sector with all our power.”