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Hinowa at Bauma 2019: Made in Italy on track for eco‐sustainability!

Hinowa’s focus on an environmental approach, implemented both during the design stage and throughout the production process of its machinery, will be on show at the Bauma 2019 trade fair with a “green” stand, showcasing a new range of electric and bi‐ energy machinery along with a host of “eco‐friendly” initiatives.


For over thirty years ago from its headquarters in Nogara in the Italian province of Verona, Hinowa has manufactured machinery for working at heights and earthmoving, such as avant‐ garde, high‐quality aerial platforms, minidumpers and tracked pallet jacks, for professional use in a variety of sectors.

At the Bauma trade fair which will take place in Munich from April 8 to 14, 2019, Hinowa will showcase its latest environmentally friendly products on its two stands. The spotlight will be on the HS701 tracked minidumper, which will also be showcased to sector‐ based operators with a flat skip with foldable sides, as well as in the new electric version (“E”), along with the latest LL33 and LL26 bi‐energy tracked platforms (both featuring lithium batteries and diesel engines).

Yet another display of innovation from a company that has chosen to focus on environmental protection in its day‐to‐day activities as well. Hinowa has implemented solar panels and efficient waste water treatment systems for its factories, and it also uses water‐based paints and biodegradable oils throughout the machinery production cycle. This environmentally friendly approach also demonstrates the importance which Hinowa places on the quality of the components used and the search for technologically advanced solutions, turning the company into an industry leader both in Italy and abroad.

HS701 minidumper: double innovation!

The tracked minidumper is a vehicle used for construction work, renovations and landscape gardening. It can travel across uneven, muddy, sandy and sloping terrain where vehicles with wheels would not be able to guarantee stability. The high tipping system, using vertical guides, applied to this type of machine has been patented by Hinowa and is the only one of its kind. This means that just one operator is needed to tip the materials directly into containers or trucks. In addition to the current range of minidumpers with a load capacity from 400 to 2,500 kg and following the launch of the well‐known and popular “construction version”, “self‐loading”, “high tip building industry”, “extra‐high tip building industry” and “extra‐high tip self‐loading” versions, the dynamic Veneto‐based company has now added a version with a flat skip and an innovative electric version.

The HS701 tracked minidumper with flat skip with foldable sides expands the field of application of this type of machinery which, once again, ensures a range of functions, strength, compact design and rapid tipping. Consolidated added values, therefore, for this type of Hinowa vehicle which demonstrate the company’s ongoing investments in technological innovation aimed at producing increasingly advanced models with the best performance, whilst respecting the environment and operator safety. The excellent versatility of these tracked vehicles means that they can adapt to any situation or location, making them suitable for all conditions. Thanks to the hydraulic transmission and simple and practical controls, the Hinowa HS701 tracked minidumper with flat skip will offer unparalleled manoeuvrability and precision, even in the vast renovation sector. In this version, the operator can also choose the speed based on the type of terrain: slower on rough ground and faster on more even ground.

The machine features a fold‐down platform which, when extended, allows the operator to stand firmly and get on and off the vehicle easily. When folded away, the overall length of the minidumper is reduced, thus saving space during transportation or storage with limited space. The simple, intuitive control panel of the minidumper is located in front of the operator, so that all the control levers are easily accessible and a handle provides a safe grip while driving, thus optimising management of the work. The extreme space‐saving design (width 758 mm, optional 1,058; height 1,304 mm; length 2,200 mm) of this version with flat skip is in line with the other tracked models in the range and highlights its suitability for working in tight spaces where it can move easily and without difficulty. Another unique feature, highlighted in this version, is the optimal weight distribution. The three rollers fitted on either side of the tracked undercarriage means it is stable and can move easily over different types of terrain and gradients. The 180 mm wide rubber tracks, with grease track tensioner, reduce the pressure on the ground, decreasing the load at the base, causing less damage to the surface even in the most critical situations.

The HS701 minidumper with flat skip has an impressive 700 kg weight capacity and a load of 0.30 m3. The skip measures 1,076 x 724 mm. Power is provided by a Honda GX270 single‐ cylinder, 270 cc, 6.3 kW (8.4 HP) petrol engine at 3,600 rpm with manual start or alternatively by a Kubota OC95 single‐cylinder, 416 cc, 7 kW (9.4 HP) diesel engine, at 3,600 rpm with manual start. To make it even more practical, the operator can also choose the speed based on the type of terrain: slower (2.2 km/h) on rough ground and faster (3.5 km/h) on more even ground or for longer distances. The HS701E tracked electric version with a lithium battery embodies all the important design features of the minidumper range, in addition to the lithium battery power supply (48 V ‐ 200 Ah), which makes it possible for Hinowa to satisfy the demands of customers who need to use the vehicles in a variety of locations, both indoors and outdoors. As a pioneer in this power supply area with an ongoing commitment to research and development over the years, Hinowa can offer sector‐based operators a low consumption power supply system, guaranteed in this case by two innovating CTE2010 48 Vdc traction motors. Vehicles equipped with lithium batteries, compared to a standard electric motor connected to the power socket, offer a host of advantages, for example, there is no need for an electrical outlet nearby (to operate both indoors and outdoors); no risk of the operator tripping over the power cord; no risk of the cables getting damaged by the tracks or other machinery in transit; the possibility of operating with low noise levels (e.g. in historic centres, near or inside homes); high battery pack autonomy (one working day). Thanks to the absence of “memory effect”, battery pack can be loaded at any residual load without affecting the battery life of the lithium battery pack.

With a track width of 180 mm (three rollers per side) and an overall weight, without the operator, of 590 kg, the new HS701E electric minidumper with lithium battery has an impressive loading capacity of 0.34 m3 (700 kg). Once again, the compact design is an added value of the machine, measuring 2,134 mm in length (1,934 mm in transport conditions), 750 mm in width and 1,330 mm in height.

“Bi‐energy” technology: the new LL26 and LL33 aerial platforms Hinowa is one of the leading manufacturers of aerial platforms, in the specific field of tracked aerial platforms, in Italy and Europe and can be relied upon to offer its customers the best solution for aerial work.

Hinowa’s aerial platforms are designed to make work easier in any situation. One of the key must‐have features offered is undoubtedly the extremely high level of safety and stability, the simplicity and speed of positioning, as well as ease of use due to their compact size, which ensures operators safely reach maximum heights up to 33 metres, both outdoors and indoors.

Hinowa has harnessed its spirit of innovation and enterprise to design technological solutions which provide benefits for, but not limited to, platform safety. The self‐stabilising system, remote control with data display and non‐marking tracks, for example, allow top‐of‐the‐range work to be carried out safely at all times, while avoiding damage to the surfaces of the buildings in which the machine operates. Thanks to the above‐mentioned lithium ion battery, Hinowa has also offered this patented technology on all its models for over eight years. It guarantees enormous advantages in terms of the energy autonomy of the aerial platforms, which do not require electrical connections or specific maintenance. This makes them an “eco‐friendly” solution because they can operate without any gas or smoke emissions. They are, thus, ideally suited to a variety of companies, such as construction and cleaning firms, painters, renovators, maintenance workers and gardeners, as well as being very useful for work carried out in airports, shopping centres, historic buildings, shops, industries, fun fairs, parks and gardens.

At the Bauma 2019 trade fair, Hinowa will present two important innovations to a wide international audience: the LL26 and LL33 bi‐energy aerial platforms, featuring, respectively, 100 Ah and 150 Ah lithium batteries, in addition to a Kubota D902, Tier 4, Stage V, 3‐cylinder, liquid‐cooled, 16.1 kW (21.6 CV) diesel engine at 3,200 rpm, with a maximum torque of 56 Nm at 2,400 rpm and 898 cm3 cylinder capacity.

The noise emissions are very low both when using the diesel engine (90 dB operator‐ perceived power level, 102 dB measured level and 104 dB guaranteed level) and the 3.5 kW electric motor (70 and 77 dB respectively operator‐perceived power level, 86 and 92 dB measured level and 88 and 95 dB guaranteed level). The battery charger is on‐board the platform.

Hinowa will be present with two stands at the Bauma 2019 trade fair:

In the external area FS1103/8 (platforms) and in Hall C4, stand 325 (minidumpers and undercarriages). 


Source: Hinowa s.p.a.