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Hitachi rock buckets offer exceptional breakout performance at German quarry

Hitachi buckets are ideal choice for Schüssler

German aggregates supplier TBS Transportbeton Schüssler GmbH & Co. KG (Schüssler) has invested in Hitachi rock buckets to support its quarrying operations in Kerpen-Manheim. The company is also using a fleet of four Hitachi wheel loaders at its two sites, from which it supplies 600 types of ready-mixed concrete, sand and grain from several locations across Germany.   

Schüssler’s two ZW310-6s and two ZW370-6s have all been equipped with Hitachi rock buckets, which are designed for heavy-duty work and loading of rocks, and are optimised for good penetration and breakout performance. On site, the ZW370-6 wheel loaders are excavating material and transferring it to a conveyor. Around 200m³ of filtered material is loaded onto trucks by each ZW310-6 per eight-hour shift.

Hitachi bucket

Maximum reliability

Hitachi buckets have been designed to enhance the performance of Hitachi wheel loaders in a wide range of working conditions, and are exceptionally reliable and durable. By contributing to maximum productivity and uptime on the job site, they not only help to increase profitability, but also provide peace of mind to companies who want to get the most from their machine.

Schüssler selected the Hitachi buckets based on the advice it received from authorised local dealer Kiesel. “It recommended them based on our requirements, and we trust in their opinion,” says Schüssler’s Executive Director Jochen Wonka. “We have a very good relationship with Kiesel. They provide an excellent service, provide us with everything we need, and the Hitachi wheel loaders have proven to be very reliable.”

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

Hitachi ZW 310 on LECTURA Specs
Hitachi ZW 370 on LECTURA Specs