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Hitachi ZW370-6 offers unrivalled productivity to Finnish contractor

A new Hitachi ZW370-6 wheel loader is offering a Finnish contractor the highest level of productivity at a demanding quarry in the south of the country. Niemisen Sora Oy’s (Niemisen) decision to utilise Hitachi’s second-largest wheel loader was based on the successful introduction of the equivalent ZW-5 model in 2016.


Niemisen is using both wheel loaders to move materials at a busy eight-hectare quarry in the municipality of Hausjärvi. From its headquarters in Hauho, Niemisen supplies around 40 types of gravel and stone. The Hausjärvi quarry produces approximately 800,000 tonnes of sand, gravel, chippings and stone ash per year for the family-owned company.

Positive feedback

Niemisen was keen to hear the opinions of its operators before taking delivery of the new ZW370-6, as with the previous ZW-5 machine. Niemisen’s chief operator at the quarry is Henri Petman, who has spent 15 years with the company. Having worked consistently with its wheel loaders, Henri’s feedback was an important factor behind the purchase of the Hitachi ZW370-5.

“Hitachi wheel loaders are particularly suited to the work we do here, because of their excellent carrying capacity and grip,” says Henri. “The traction control means there is no wheel spin in slippery conditions. I’m currently working with the ZW370-5 and it performs to a high standard.”

The ZW370-5 was delivered in February 2016 by the authorised Hitachi dealer in Finland, Rotator, and has worked reliably for over 2,000 hours – even at temperatures as low as -15C.

An impressive performance

Unveiled at Bauma 2016, the ZW370-6 has been engineered to meet the demands of the European market. Ideal for a wide range of quarrying applications, it is not only versatile but offers exceptional reliability. A number of maintenance features have also been developed on the ZW-6 model.

Henri has been impressed by the performance of the new Hitachi ZW370-6. “My impressions are that the new model is better when travelling uphill, and is more effective when driving into the pile. The engine offers more than enough force – especially when you hit the power button at the right time!

“In terms of its acceleration, speed and torque, the ZW370-6 has one of the best engines and transmissions I’ve experienced. It’s also reassuring that the stability of the machine is consistent in tough conditions and that the brakes are responsive. I would certainly recommend this wheel loader to anyone working in this industry.”

Source: Red International Communication

Hitachi ZW 370-5 on LECTURA Specs
Hitachi ZW370-6 on LECTURA Specs