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Hitachi ZX490LCH-7 proves popular with Portuguese quarries

Hitachi ZX490LCH-7
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Hitachi ZX490LCH-7

IMAGE SOURCE: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

The ZX490LCH-7 is proving popular among Portuguese quarrying companies, demonstrating a positive impact on productivity, and a new level of comfort for operators. The new model – launched in September 2020 as part of Hitachi’s range of Zaxis-7 large excavators – has already been supplied to four quarries by Hitachi’s authorised local dealer in Portugal, Moviter.

A strong reputation

Owned by the IGE Group, Windpark, Lda purchased a new ZX490LCH-7 to work at its quarry in the Penela region. Its decision to invest was based on its relationship with Moviter and the reputation of the Hitachi brand. “We recognise the high quality of Hitachi products,” says Nelson Simões, CEO of the IGE Group.

“We considered the total cost of ownership, compared to other machines, and the Hitachi excavator got the best numbers. That fact, together with the relationship we have with Moviter, and the quality of the after-sales service, made it an easy decision. The operators also love the machine and that is important for us.”

Hitachi ZX490LCH-7 <br> Image source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV


Continuous operations

Another ZX490LCH-7 is working at a quarry owned by Agrepor in Canas de Senhorim, as part of a contract won by Socitop, Lda. The excavator is at the forefront of the operations, loading the dump trucks with raw material. It is also being used to load a crusher and trucks with product at the end of the process. 

“We wanted an excavator to work long hours, without stopping,” explains Abel Torres, Socitop’s CEO. “We needed a reliable machine with a high level of versatility because after this contract, we will use it on different job sites and applications, such as earthmoving. The ZX490LCH-7 represents Hitachi quality and excellent value.”

Fast and precise

In Porto de Mós, Leiria, family-run business Garcogel has four quarries and specialises in the extraction of marble and limestone blocks. It is led by founder and CEO Garcia Anastácio, and his sons, Paulo and Emanuel, and has recently added a ZX490LCH-7 to its fleet.

“In our region, there are several Hitachi ZX490 excavators,” says Garcia. “Our friends said it is a good machine, mentioning the excellent fuel consumption and overall productivity. It is also fast, extremely precise and easy to work with, and we have found that the hydraulics are spectacular.”

Hitachi ZX490LCH-7 <br> Image source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

Looking to the future

Adelino Ferreira, CEO of Brivel S.A., believes the new ZX490LCH-7 is an important asset to his company, which specialises in the production of aggregates and ready-mixed concrete. “Our operators are delighted – the visibility, controls and feeling inside the cab are excellent. The power and speed also live up to the Hitachi name.

“In addition, I am also optimistic about the new digital solutions [provided by Hitachi]. The information can be useful for increasing productivity, and reducing downtime and costs. Getting the most out of new technologies will also improve the performance of our overall operation. We can plan the daily work and production cycles of the site, in short and medium terms, to increase profits.

“All things considered, the ZX490LCH-7 is a very important asset to our company. Together, with the support of Moviter, we believe we chose the best solution in the market.”

Hitachi ZX490LCH-7 <br> Image source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

“At Moviter we’re extremely proud to have supplied the latest Hitachi Zaxis-7 large excavators to four companies operating in the quarrying sector, just within the first month of this year,” says Rui Faustino, Moviter’s Commercial Manager. “Hitachi has continuously improved on previous generation machines to enhance the operator’s experience in the cab, meet the needs of owners, and provide support over the entire life cycle. By working in partnership with our valued customers, we can help them to create their vision.”

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV