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"I like to mow it, mow it," echoes from PÖTTINGER

Gregor Dietachmayr, the Speaker of the Executive Board, explains the company's goals and revolutionary technologies, thinks about trade fairs and presents the award-winning mowers, loader wagons and seed drills.

Were you satisfied with the agricultural technology trade fair SIMA 2019 in Paris? Did it meet your expectations?


After Germany, France is Pöttinger's most important single market. This is why we were again very prominently represented at SIMA. We were very pleased with the large number of visitors at our stand. The new products and also the proven machines are very popular among French farmers, contractors and large companies.

However, these large events cost the companies a lot of money. What is your opinion on future trade fairs and exhibitions in terms of the financial side? Could the companies come up with new presenting strategies or would the trade fairs still play a key role?

Trade fairs are not the only way to present our machines to end customers. Interested parties and buyers of agricultural machinery can obtain information from the sales staff, on the suppliers' websites and through brochures.

Fairs are a good platform to show the highlights to a broad audience in a concentrated version. The sales team can exchange information directly with the end customers.

Regarding the future of the trade fairs, with the postponement of SIMA in Paris from February to November, a discussion has once again begun. From our point of view, an alternate date for the major trade fairs AGRITECHNICA, SIMA and EIMA would make the most sense. This would also result in some cost savings. However, the organizers will not agree to this.

What is so revolutionary about the NOVACAT A10 CROSS FLOW mower, which won “Machine of the year” award at SIMA 2019?

The revolutionary technology from Pöttinger enables swaths to be merged directly behind the cutterbar. Thanks to the new cross conveyor auger the swath is merged immediately after mowing without needing a conditioner. Therefore, clear savings in diesel costs can be achieved.

About 20 % of Pöttinger’s export heads to Germany, whereas 7 % goes to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. How crucial are those regions for the company’s turnover?

Czech Republic and Slovakia are very important markets for Pöttinger because of their spatial proximity to the company. Large-scale equipment (loader wagons and seed drills) reach their full potential on large farms.

In these countries we’ve had a "Mr. Pöttinger" representing us for almost 20 years. He is the direct link to the end customer. This is also one of the factors for our success in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Due to its great importance, a production plant - the competence centre for soil cultivation - was built in Vodnany in 2007 and has since been expanded several times.

As you mentioned, Pöttinger has a manufacturing plant in Vodňany, Czech Republic. What is the main production focus and how many employees are there? Do you plan any expansion?

Vodnany is the competence centre for soil cultivation. With more than 470 employees, Vodnany manufactures powerful tillage equipment such as ploughs, stubble cultivators, disc harrows, short combinations and power harrows using the latest production methods.

Several expansion stages have already been implemented since the beginning: our own hardening plant, painting plant etc. Depending on market requirements and solid growth, further expansion plans will be implemented.

How valuable is a cooperation with farmers across the world?

With our extensive range of equipment for small- and large-scale farmers and contractors, we try to cover the needs around the world. We cooperate very closely with farmers across the world to incorporate their experience into the development of our machines.

Can you name top three Pöttinger products according to sales?

  • Mower NOVACAT

  • Loaderwagon EUROPROFI

  • Seed drill TERRASEM

Pöttinger is well-known for silage loader wagons. What features do they offer and what beats the competition?

Pöttinger is the global market leader for loader wagons. From small self-loading wagons to high-performance silage rotor wagons, all customer requirements are met worldwide. As No. 1, Pöttinger continuously innovates in this segment.

Among the special features for outstanding work quality are the AUTOCUT automatic knife sharpening device, the EASY MOVE swing-out knife bar, the POWERCUT cutterbar, the PICK UP large and many other features. Our aim is to deliver the best forage quality no matter the conditions.

Last year, Heinz Pöttinger moved to the supervisory board and the company appointed two new Managing Directors. The full team is made of five Managing Directors. What are their future goals? What will the business direction be?

Since the spring of 2018, a five-man management team has been successfully at the helm of Pöttinger. The management team has set a clear goal to deliver our customers and partners more success, make their work easier and improve the quality of their products.

We not only strive to live agricultural technology in all that we do, but we will continue to be a specialist in delivering the optimal working results. Together with our committed employees, reliable partnership with our customers and innovative machines and services, we can continue our solid growth course in the coming years.

What can the visitors expect at your stand at Agritechnica 2019 in Hanover?

Pöttinger will present with a very attractive stand concept highlighting our new machines, features and many of our proven machines for grassland cultivation, soil tillage and sowing technology. In addition, new digital solutions and partnerships will also be presented.

Visit Pöttinger in Hall 27, Stand F 49 and experience the innovative agricultural technology up close!

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Company overview

PÖTTINGER is an Austrian family-owned company and manufacturer of agricultural technology for grassland and tillage. The company was established in 1871 by Franz Pöttinger in Grieskirchen. The wide product portfolio consists of mowers, tedders, rakes, loader wagons, forage harvesters, balers, ploughs, cultivators, harrows and drilling technology. Pöttinger's headquarters and main manufacturing plant are situated in Grieskirchen. The two remaining plants are located in Bernburg (DE) and Vodnany (CZ). The Austrian company employs 1,775 people worldwide.

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