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The three-day in-house exhibition of BAUER Maschinen Group opened its doors on 6 May 2017. © BAUER Group Go to photo
The three-day in-house exhibition of BAUER Maschinen Group opened its doors on 6 May 2017. © BAUER Group

In-house exhibition of BAUER Maschinen Group expanded into a whole new dimension

Visitors from all over the world, innovations as far as the eye can see, and a unique family atmosphere – the in-house exhibition of the BAUER Maschinen Group is always something special. From 6 to 8 May, the event took place in the courtyard of Bauer's headquarters for the 21st time. Not surprisingly, a certain routine had set in over the years. But this year a lot was new. The idea was to be even closer to the customer. Or to put it another way: The idea was to bring the customer even closer to the machines.

“Drilling deep and aiming high” – for the first time ever, the BAUER Maschinen Group had a slogan for an in-house exhibition. It was a common theme throughout the expo. But what was it all about? “Aiming high” refers to the fact that the BAUER Maschinen Group, as a global market leader, together with its customers, is always striving to be at the forefront of technology and achievement. All the Group's activities are focused on delivering the highest quality. But “Aiming high” was also a reference to one of the PremiumLine BGs on display. Together with its CSM unit, it was approximately 42 m tall. The slogan also referred to the CBC 30 compact cutter being exhibited. With its modern low-headroom configuration, it guarantees mixing depths of up to 80 m, although it is only 8.7 m tall.

BAUER BG 36 PremiumLine rig at in-house exhibition

Probably the most impressive manifestation of the slogan, not to mention an absolute highlight of the show: a skywalk up to 8 m in height. It afforded visitors a panoramic view so they could take in every last detail of the rigs. In this way, the skywalk offered an impressive change of perspective, enabling visitors to look out over the entire exhibition area. The steel frame was developed by Peri GmbH, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the sector.

The exhibits

Five rotary drilling rigs were on display for visitors to examine at the Bauer in-house exhibition, including a low-headroom version of the BG 24 H on a BT 75 base carrier. Though only 8.75 m in height, it reaches drilling depths of more than 47 m with a tenfold kelly. In addition, the BG 24 H – like all PremiumLine rigs – was equipped with Energy-Efficient Power (EEP) technology, which not only lowers fuel consumption by 30%, it also improves efficiency and optimizes parallel operation of primary and auxiliary loads. Noise emissions were also significantly reduced.

In addition to the BG 24 H, a BG 36 as well as a BG 45 from the PremiumLine series were on display. The BG PremiumLine from Bauer includes multifunctional rigs for a wide range of construction methods in specialist foundation engineering. This line of machines is characterized by high safety standards as well as excellent environmental friendliness, efficiency and performance. Further advantages include easy transport and fast set-up as well as long service life. The ValueLine was represented at the in-house exhibition by a BAUER BG 26 and a BG 30. Bauer's ValueLine machines are optimized for kelly drilling – features include a long mast for large drilling depths, an extended drilling axis distance for larger drill diameters, high winch tensile forces, high torque and an efficient diesel engine.

BAUER CBC 30 compact cutter at in-house exhibition

Another highlight among the exhibits was the CBC 30 compact cutter. This system offers a range of very variable configurations for different job site requirements or confined construction sites. Despite its size, this extremely quiet cutter, with its impressive 570 kW engine, delivers the same performance as its “big brothers”, the Bauer MC duty-cycle cranes. They were represented at the in-house exhibition by the MC 86 – a new machine based on the medium-scale MC platform. The MC 86 replaces the MC 64 as the compact cutter carrier in Bauer's range of duty-cycle cranes. It supports an increased payload of 110 t thanks to a reinforced undercarriage and additional ballasting options. Further features include new 30-ton free-fall winches with high speeds and cable capacity, a complete overhaul of the rig to accommodate a main cable diameter of 34 mm, and a new universal mast head for gripping and lifting work. An optional fly jib enables a maximum payload of 35 t; the new facelift cab is equipped with B-Drive and Klimatronic as standard. Thanks to the EEP technology, the MC 86 works extremely efficiently, with high performance and minimal losses.

As always, the subsidiaries of the BAUER Maschinen Group were represented with numerous exhibits and new products. For example, RTG Rammtechnik GmbH showcased an RG 19 T in addition to its RM 20 pile driver and an MR 150 AVM sound-proofed vibrator. RTG had unveiled the new SilentVibro for the first time at Bauma 2016 in Munich. This sound-proofed vibrator significantly reduces noise in the front working area. This is achieved through a variety of measures, such as soundproofing of the spring yoke and encapsulation of the front area, including the hydraulic motors. RTG vibrators are completely independent of the ambient temperature for their temperature regulation thanks to their cooling system with integrated hydraulic lubrication. Another unique feature is the complete fill-up with biologically degradable hydraulic oil – even in the vibrator. In addition, the RG 19 T has an automatic ACS coupling system and a counterweight lowering device with an auxiliary winch.

BAUER MC 86 at in-house exhibition

KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH presented, among others, four of its KR rigs: the KR 702-2R drilling rig for confined spaces with extendable feed, KH 22 rotary head, safety cage and remote control, as well as the KR 806-3D, KR 806-3G and KR 807-7G anchoring and universal drilling rigs. HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik presented the HSB 3000 blast hole drilling rig for open-cast mining and bore diameters up to 165 mm. ABS Trenchless, a specialist in machines for horizontal trenchless pipeline construction, showcased a CRB 100 rock drilling system for optically controlled drilling of pilot holes in rock and hard stone as well as a compact ABS 600 drilling rig for bore diameters up to 700 mm. Both can be used with the same crowd frame.

PRAKLA Bohrtechnik GmbH, manufacturer of geothermal, exploratory and well drilling rigs, showcased their RB 65 drilling rig. The rig has a hook load of 63 t and is capable of drilling to a depth of 2,000 m. In addition, different types of drill strings and casings can be used thanks to a variety of mast variants.

RTG Rammtechnik - RG 19 T at in-house exhibition

MAT Mischanlagentechnik develops complete systems for mixing and separation of suspensions as well as centrifuges and pumps for all applications in specialist foundation engineering. Their products, including two desanding machines, a decanter centrifuge, a batch mixer and a flow mixer, as well as a diesel hammer from Bauer Maschinen's US subsidiary Pileco rounded off the range of machines for specialist foundation engineering at the exhibition.

Other attractions

The BAUER Maschinen Group gave guests the opportunity to visit the Bauer plant in nearby Aresing and participate in live demonstrations as well as join two full-day excursions. A professional slackliner showed off his skills on a rope, which was just a few centimeters wide, stretched across the exhibition grounds. There was also scavenger hunt around the machinery, which inspired visitors to tour the exhibition. And at the traditional Bavarian Evening party, guests from all over the world were treated to healthy dose of Bavarian lifestyle with a variety of culinary delights and live music. By the way, one other thing was new: This year, the in-house exhibition ended with the white-and-blue conviviality of the Bavarian Evening.

BAUER Group - In-house exhibition

Quick facts about the in-house exhibition:

  • All the machine together weighed over 1,200 tons, the same as 200 male African elephants.

  • The BAUER Maschinen Group welcomed approximately 2,200 visitors from almost 80 nations.

  • A 50-meter-long skywalk at a height of up to 8 m expanded this year's house exhibition into a whole new dimension.

  • The engine power of all the machines put together added up to approximately 7,200 hp.

Source: BAUER AG


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