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Innovation made by Wirtgen – The new cold milling machine W 200 Hi on the road to success with two zero sides

Wirtgen GmbH has developed a new application concept enhancing its established cold milling machine W 200 to meet customers' needs. The innovative highlight of this new large milling machine W 200 Hi is a hydraulically driven milling drum assembly that can be displaced 400 mm to both the right and the left, thus ensuring maximum flexibility on the job. For the first time, the Wirtgen W 200 Hi is being presented to a large trade audience at CONEXPO 2014  in Las Vegas.


Contractors and providers of milling services face a whole variety of challenges in their practical everyday work. Above all, these include the confined conditions encountered in urban traffic and on motorway sites with flowing traffic. Both considerably impede the logistics on site and cost contractors a great deal of time and money.  "Our customers consequently asked for a solution that allows them to react to the various challenges. The objective was therefore to offer them an exceedingly flexible solution," says Bernd Holl, Wirtgen's Product Manager for cold milling machines, summarizing the initial situation. With the W 200 Hi, Wirtgen has now developed a machine or application concept meeting precisely these needs.

Highlight: the movable milling drum assembly

A movable milling drum assembly underlies this new application concept and is also the highlight of the new large milling machine. With a hydraulically driven milling drum, the complete assembly can be displaced by up to 800 mm, i.e. 400 mm to both the right and the left. In this way, the W 200 Hi can easily work around such obstacles as water inlets and street lamps. The new milling drum assembly can also be displaced while in operation and gives the cold milling machine a zero edge on both sides. As a result, one and the same machine can now be used to work right up to and flush with curbstones or concrete barriers both on the right and left side, without having to perform any manoeuvres. This last point is a great logistical advantage, particularly on motorways, as trucks can move in and out of the traffic stream quickly and safely in the direction of travel. 

Flexibility is trumps – everywhere

The W 200 Hi is also advantageous in urban traffic, where space on job sites is usually very limited, as well as on narrow roads – for instance, in residential areas – where the machine's movable assembly permits considerably smaller milling radii. What's more, the edge protector can be raised by 420 mm on both sides so that the machine can work flush with the edge even at large working depths. The new large milling machine has a 433 kW engine to ensure sufficient power.

Proven Wirtgen features ensure maximum performance and quality

Customers will find all the proven Wirtgen features in the new large milling machine. Whether LEVEL PRO automatic level control with numerous different sensors for highly accurate milled results, precise compliance with the working depth thanks to the PTS ("Parallel to Surface") system developed by Wirtgen or the ISC (Intelligent Speed Control) ensuring optimum traction for all crawler tracks – the W 200 Hi is an all-rounder in road construction and also takes account of environmental aspects with its Vacuum Cutting System VCS and cutting-edge exhaust technology to reduce emissions.

Successful demonstration of the Wirtgen W 200 Hi worldwide

This new Wirtgen machine has already proved itself in a variety of applications on demonstration jobs around the world. Feedback from the customers shows that the machine is exactly what they were looking for and offers genuine added value. This is also confirmed by John Vatmans from the Belgian milling contractor Topoff: “With the Wirtgen W 200 Hi I was able to finish a job quicker and in a much more economical way than I would have been able to with a standard milling machine. Thanks to the zero edge on the left side, milling along the concrete barrier was no problem at all – this made the machine an absolute excess value in practical use.”

With its new large milling machine W 200 Hi, the technological leader from Windhagen has once again confirmed its innovativeness and set another standard as regards application know-how and competence. 

Source: Wirtgen GmbH