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JCB launches PRO backhoe loaders with Stage V Power

JCB Europe
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JCB is introducing the 3CX, 4CX and 5CX PRO backhoe loaders, with the adoption of Stage V compliant engines on all models. The 3CX PRO is a two-wheel steer machine, the 4CX PRO boasts all-wheel steer for increased all-terrain performance and the four-wheel steer 5CX PRO delivers the ultimate backhoe loader specification for bulk earthmoving.

Key features include:

  • New JCB CommandPlus Cab revised inside and out

  • New JCB Automate features making the machines easier to use, boosting productivity

  • New 81kW (109hp) engine replacing previous 68kW (91hp) unit

  • New six-speed ECOROAD powertrain with new gear ratios to reduce fuel and save time

  • Enhanced safety features as standard

Power Boost


For Stage V, the 4.4-litre JCB 444 engine has been replaced by the more powerful 4.8-litre JCB 448. The previous 68kW (91hp) rating becomes an 81kW (108hp) output, with 516Nm of torque, delivering leading roading and loading performance.

The JCB 448 engine benefits from a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and a combined Selective Catalytic Reduction/Diesel Particulate Filter (SCR/DPF) with an 8,000-hour operating life. JCB’s LiveLink telematics system also monitors DPF regeneration, which is performed automatically to avoid machine downtime. There is no requirement for an Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve and valve clearance adjustments move from 2,000 hours to 4,000 hours, greatly reducing downtime over the life of the machine.

The 55kW (74hp) 3.0-litre Stage V engine introduced last year in the 750,000th Special Edition model, has now become the 3CX ECO. There are also new 3CX and 4CX PLUS models, featuring four-speed transmission options.

JCB backhoe loaders 3CX PLUS STAGE V <br> Image source: JCB Press Office

Automated Productivity

The 3CX, 4CX and 5CX PRO models benefit from a range of advanced automation features, designed to boost productivity and ease of use. This includes Auto Stop, which detects when the machine is no longer being used and shuts down the engine to reduce fuel consumption and unnecessary engine wear. The time period prior to shut-down can be set by the operator.

Auto Seat Select and Auto Stabilisers are standard on servo models, with the seat now recognising which way it is facing and automatically switching between loader and excavator modes. As well as existing Auto-up stabilisers, the system can now automatically extend and stop when the feet reach the ground. Auto Level, on AEC models, automatically levels the machine to a horizontal position on uneven ground.

The Auto Drive feature allows the operator to automatically maintain a set engine speed when roading. The PRO range also features the ECOROAD six-speed Autoshift transmission that can cut travel time and fuel use by up to 25%, for operators that spend a lot of time on the road. All powershift transmissions are now standard with JCB’s TorqueLock system.

There are Auto Interior Lights, illuminating the step area when accessing the cab and softly dimming when switching off. Again, the operator can set the delay timer on the side monitor.

BHL 4CX PRO STAGE V <br> Image source: JCB Press Office

Auto 2WD reduces tyre wear and fuel consumption by automatically switching from 4WD to 2WD when all-wheel drive traction is no longer required. This is particularly effective when digging into a pile, where 4WD is beneficial, then dropping to 2WD as the machine travels to the loading site. A host of new standard features have been integrated into the machines, including rear light guards, front bumpers, return to dig, shovel clam ram guards, high-flow loader auxiliary pipework and the loader Auto SRS arm suspension system.

Design Icon

The Stage V 3CX, 4CX and 5CX PRO backhoe loaders are instantly recognisable, with a newly designed roof that integrates LED beacons into the corners of the structure, ensuring that the machine can be clearly seen from all angles. There is no longer a need to fit magnetic beacons on a daily basis.

Up to 10 LED work lights provide a larger area of illumination that can be more easily controlled by the operator. Bolt-on yellow grab handles improve safety and there are larger exterior mirrors to improve rearward visibility.

Inside the new JCB CommandPlus Cab, the interior has a split colour line, with darker grey material in the lower half and lighter colours in the upper half. This gives the cab a feeling of light and airiness, making it feel more spacious. The revised operator’s seat, which can be heated and air suspended, has a darker material with enhanced grip and yellow stitching. A headrest is now standard on Advanced Easy Control (AEC) models and optional on manual control machines.

The new steering wheel has an enhanced grain to reduce wear and a three-spoke design for improved visibility of the updated front screen. This new easy to read monitor has a speedometer and shows the gear that has been selected on Powershift models.

Backhoe loaders 4CX PRO STAGE V <br> Image source: JCB Press Office

The cab also comes with a factory-fit Bluetooth radio, with USB and Aux compatibility that can be controlled from the rotary switch on the side console, no matter which way the operator is facing. In addition, the heating and ventilation controls have been repositioned to the B-pillar, again making them easier to reach whichever way the seat is positioned.

The side screen is updated, with a new 7” LCD display. This allows for more information to be displayed and the various menus, including help files and ‘How To’ videos on key functions, can be toggled through using the rotary switch below.  Additional secure storage has been located next to the radio, with a lockable compartment for smaller items.

Source: JCB Press Office