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JCB unveils new Hi-Viz skid steer and compact tracked loaders

As JCB celebrates 25 years of skid steer production, the company is launching seven new large-platform skid steer loaders and compact tracked machines. The machines feature a new Hi-Viz boom, which is mounted 50mm lower to further improve visibility from the cab.

Features include:

  • Hi-Viz boom offering increased visibility to the right-hand side

  • Enclosed quick hitch protecting all internal components

  • Protected tilt cylinder allowing cab to be raised with boom in any position

  • 10% increase in tilt cylinder breakout force on 250 and 270 models

  • 15% wider opening door improving operator access


JCB’s Powerboom skid steer loaders and compact tracked loaders have led the way in terms of operator visibility and ease of access for 25 and 20 years respectively. Now JCB is improving that visibility further, with the launch of seven Hi-Viz models. Based on the firm’s large skid steer platform, the previous 225 becomes the 250 and the 260 is renamed the 270. The 300 and the 330 remain unchanged.

On the compact tracked loader side, the 225T is now the 250T, the 260T becomes the 270T and the 300T is unchanged. All of the Hi-Viz models feature a new JCB Powerboom loading arm, which is mounted 50mm lower than in the previous generation. This improves the view across the boom to the operator’s right-hand side.

The boom also features new double tapered pins in the boom mounting tower and in the quick hitch, to boost strength and durability. Hard pipe hosing is used on the inner side of the boom for further protection from damage, while a bolt-on wear plate avoids wear on the quick hitch from frequent attachment changeover.

The tilt cylinder is now protected within the end of the boom. This repositioned tilt cylinder allows the cab to be raised for maintenance with the boom in any position. The tilt cylinder also boasts a larger diameter, to boost bucket tearout by 10% on the new 250 and 270 models.

Ease of Operation

JCB has also made significant improvements to its skid steer and compact loader cab, increasing the door opening angle by 15%, from 40º to 55º, to make entry and exit easier. The door also benefits from a revised door strap and a repositioned grab handle, making it easier to reach from the operator’s seat. A new bolted-on yellow external grab handle also helps with entry and exit. JCB remains the only manufacturer to offer the single loader arm design, with a full cab door, for ease of access. There is no requirement for the operator to climb over dangerous attachments to enter or exit the cab.

Cab air conditioning has been improved, with three internal filters with durable metal covers mounted on the outside of the cab. Upgraded heater vents prevent rattle during travel, reducing noise levels for the operator. In addition, a new front screen, with lighter frame offers improved forward visibility, helped in part by moving the wiper motor to the left-hand side of the window.

The start-up procedure has been simplified, to just three easy steps. The operator closes the cab door, lowering the lap bar and armrest. The machine is started and then the parking brake is released, at which point the loader is ready to operate. That single press of the parking brake now unlocks the brake, the loader joystick and the auxiliary button, though operators still have the ability to lock the functions separately if preferred.

JCB Chief Innovation and Growth Officer Tim Burnhope said: “Twenty-five years ago, JCB’s approach to design turned the skid steer market upside down when we launched our first innovative model.

“Since then we have proven the safety benefits for the operator by having side entry and, most importantly, the strength and durability of the JCB Powerboom design. We added our first JCB compact tracked loaders 20 years ago and we now have both wheeled and tracked versions of the Teleskid telescopic boom skid steer and tracked loader.

“With these new Hi-Viz models and with the revisions to the JCB skid steer cab, JCB innovation and design is once again moving the market forwards, further improving visibility, safety, performance and operator comfort.”

Source: JCB Deutschland GmbH