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Jungheinrich Presents Powerhouse of Innovations at CeMAT

The Hamburg-based Jungheinrich group is presenting numerous innovations and product refinements at CeMAT 2014 (May 19 to 23 in Hanover, Germany), Germany, where visitors will find a comprehensive array of logistics systems, stackers and intralogistics services at Pavilion 33/34 beneath the giant EXPO canopy on the open-air site at the exhibition grounds.


Jungheinrich highlights at CeMAT 2014 include:

  • IC engine stackers, suitable for even the toughest assignments
  • Tow train systems for efficient production supply
  • New series 3 reach trucks
  • New compact mast with significantly enhanced all-round visibility

Jungheinrich Introduces New Generation of Torque Converters

Jungheinrich will be unveiling a completely re-designed generation of IC-engine powered forklift trucks to a world audience at CeMAT 2014. These trucks consist of the DFG/TFG 316-320 and DFG/TFG 425-435 model ranges. These new-generation stackers handle payloads of up to 3,500 kilogrammes, with a maximum stacking height of 7.50 metres. Engineered and made in Germany, these general-purpose, reliable and rugged trucks deliver above-average throughput rates while consuming low amounts of energy.

These robust stackers boast high-grade, extremely durable, long-lasting components and are ideally suited for extreme, tough operations in different climate zones. The core components of these new torque converters represent in-house engineering developments from Jungheinrich, including the mast, chassis and steering column.

Complete Tow Train System

Jungheinrich is premiering a complete tow train system to the world trade audience at CeMAT. This system includes two new series 5 tow tractors with drawbar pull of up to nine tonnes as well as type GTP and GTE trailers. These trailers handle numerous transport orders in one go. They make the production process leaner and guarantee high provisioning security while ensuring excellent resource utilisation.

Jungheinrich Drives New Development of Reach Trucks

The new product and innovations campaign began back at CeMAT 2011 with the launch of the series 2 model range (ETV/ETM 214-216). In 2013 the new series 3 trucks were introduced (ETV 318). The official launch of the ETV/ETM 320-325 model range is taking place at CeMAT 2014. A key characteristic of the new reach truck consists of its substantially lower energy consumption, coupled with a higher throughput rate. “Measurements have indicated that, while consuming 10 percent less energy, the latest generation of trucks can also perform up to 10 percent higher than before,” explains Joachim Schier, Head of Portfolio Management for Reach Trucks at Jungheinrich.

New Compact Mast Results in Substantially Enhanced All-round Visibility

Jungheinrich is presenting an all-new compact mast at CeMAT 2014. This will substantially improve visibility for operators of Jungheinrich counterbalanced stackers. “Thanks to the compact nesting of profiles and optimisation of hose and chain guides, plus two patented openings in the cross-bar, the driver’s field of vision has been expanded by as much as 85% – a top value!” remarks Stefan Pfetsch, Head of Counterbalanced Truck Product and Portfolio Management at Jungheinrich.

New Module for “ISM Online” Fleet Management System

Jungheinrich is presenting its latest version of ISM Online to the trade audience in Hanover. This new fleet management system is capable of managing, analysing and optimising industrial truck fleets, irrespective of their size or complexity. A new feature of ISM Online consists of its Productivity module, which allows the user to analyse and consequently maximise the utilisation of his fleet capacity. Access to the corresponding data takes place via the ISM Online portal in a protected area of the Web, making it possible to call up information from virtually anywhere in the world. ISM Online combines business data with operational and shock data for all of the industrial trucks in a fleet.

Trucks Designed for Non-European Growth Markets

Different markets require different features for their industrial trucks, which can lead to variations on established vehicle designs or even completely new designs. The Jungheinrich Design Centre in Houston, Texas, for instance designs warehouse equipment tailored to the requirements of the North American market. And at its production location in Qingpu (in greater Shanghai, China), Jungheinrich develops and produces industrial trucks which conform to the needs of the Asian market.

Jungheinrich is presenting selected vehicles at this year’s CeMAT which were designed for use in non-European markets. This includes a reach truck from the Jungheinrich Design Centre in Houston. These ETR reach trucks will be available in several different configurations as of this spring and are destined for the North and South American market as well as selected countries in Asia and the Middle East. A further characteristic of this generation of reach trucks consists of the extremely high residual lifting capacity.

The Hamburg-based firm will also be presenting a truck from its Chinese plant in Qingpu – a type EJR 120n battery powered low-platform truck. This truck represents an adaptation of its European “cousin”, the EJE 120, to the requirements of the Asian market. The main difference consists of a folding platform for an extra person to ride along on and an optimised tiller design to accommodate this extra passenger. The EJR 120n moreover includes many special features of Jungheinrich low-platform trucks, including the latest generation of three-phase AC technology and the use of recovered energy from regenerative braking.

Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. The company is an intralogistics service and solution provider with manufacturing operations, which offers its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, logistics systems, services and advice. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.

Source: Jungheinrich