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Kelston Sparkes Enhances Customer Service with Two More Bell B50Ds

Having enhanced its extensive fleet last year with the procurement of four new Bell Equipment B50D Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs), Kelston Sparkes Group has chosen to augment its already extensive taskforce with the addition of two further B50D machines.


One of the leading and most reputable earthmoving contractors in the UK, Kelston Sparkes has experienced impressive results from its original B50D machine consignment, with the vehicles delivering an exceptional load and haul operation within a challenging limestone quarry environment.

The machines’ 50 tonne capacity, combined with exceptional fuel consumption and long-haul stamina has, in the opinion of Kelston Sparkes Director, Rob Stark, set the models apart, positioning the machines as “the right application for job.”

Therefore, when some of the fleet’s 40 tonne trucks were taken from the quarry to work at another site, Rob felt it right to substitute their absence with a further two Bell B50Ds:

“It made sense, when the need came to reallocate some of our lesser capacity machines to an alternative site, to follow this with some more 50 tonne Bell Trucks.”

“B50Ds are terrific all-round machines and ideal performers when it comes to long haul quarry work,” Rob concludes.

Responding to the positive news that Kelston Sparkes has purchased yet further Bell models, Richard Higgott, Sales and Marketing Manager at Bell Equipment said:

“It’s fantastic to hear that when a valued client needs a replacement ADT, they have the confidence to know their requirement will be met by a Bell Equipment machine. With Kelston Sparkes B50D tally now standing at six ADTs, it has to be testament that the models work hard, deliver results and can be relied upon time and again.”

Looking to the future, Rob and his team have also been putting a new-generation B50E through its paces in a ‘full-evaluation’ to see exactly what the vehicle is capable of on the ground. Not yet available for purchase, the enhanced B50E made an impressive case for itself with Kelston Sparkes.

Showcased to critical acclaim at the recent Hillhead 2016 exhibition, the new B50E is now available for purchase.

Source: Bell