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Kohler introduces the new KDI 1903TC-E5 engine

The KDI engine family is unstoppable: with the regular addition of new models and combinations, the series is in constant expansion - as is its range of possible applications. The KDI platform represents the most versatile propulsion technological solution on the market for all manufacturers in the areas of construction, agriculture and in the industrial sector in general.


The newest model introduced by Kohler is the KDI 1903TC-E5, which positions itself in a highly strategic market segment: 19-37 kW.

Previously, this power range was characterized by mechanical injection engines, but with the introduction of Stage 5, it has moved on to common rail engines. That is precisely what led Kohler to develop the first three-cylinder engine without aftercooler predisposition of the KDI family, which previously only featured engines without a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that necessarily require use of an aftercooler.

The KDI 1903TC-E5 positions itself at the very top of its segment, thanks to a characteristic it shares with all other models in the KDI family: exceptional performance. Data in hand, all engines on the market with similar torque and power are either higher displacement or even four cylinder engines. Conversely, engines with equal displacement offer lower torque and power ratings. In sum, with its 170 Nm / 1500 rpm of torque and 37 kW / 2600 rpm of power, the new KDI 1903TC-E5 is simply unrivalled and therefore primed to become the new benchmark for a vast range of applications. The alternative is to stick with engines that feature a lower-output torque curve. The natural consequence of choosing a higher-torque, higher-power engine is an increase in both efficiency and productivity, which is the main goal of any end-user.

This engine model features an optimized fuel-injection strategy that guarantees the necessary torque and power while, at the same time, reducing overall dimensions and simplifying the engine installation process, since it requires smaller radiators.

While it possesses distinguishing features, the KDI 1903TC-E5 is nevertheless a part of the modular KDI platform, from which it derives the trademark ease of installation, the high power and torque density, and the low energy consumption which result in greater efficiency and productivity.

The KDI 1903TC-E5, therefore, perfectly reflects the “philosophy” of the KDI engine family: to be a modular platform that ensures compact, easy-to-install engines across the entire range. This provides obvious and significant benefits for any developer.

The KDI 1903TC-E5 is the first model without aftercooler predisposition, and will be joined by analogous 2.5 and 3.4-litre models: the KDI 2504TC-E5 and the KDI 3404TC-E5, which will complete the range of versions without aftercooler predisposition.

Source: Kohler Co.