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Komatsu Europe presents Smart Construction at bauma 2019

Komatsu Europe - Smart Construction
Komatsu Europe
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Komatsu Europe - Smart Construction

Paving the Way for a Smarter Future

Inspired by the experience gathered over decades by the creation of new engineering skills, innovative services and dedicated customer support, Smart Construction will be released to the European market by Komatsu Europe.

Already successfully used in Japan on more than 7 000 jobsites, Smart Construction aims to guide construction companies of all sizes on their way to the digital transformation of their jobsites, and to support their customers’ entire earthmoving process.

Smart construction

Digital transformation is the most promising evolution currently faced by the construction industry.

Thanks to technological advances such as the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now possible to bring, to an industry which met an almost null productivity increase those past 20 years, benefits of real time jobsite information, as we would see in a manufacturing process.

However, this revolution can bring its share of challenges for customers and Komatsu's Smart Construction advisors are committed to help.

Komatsu - Smart Construction

While massively using the newest technology, Smart Construction primarily leans on a strong partnership between Komatsu and other companies in the sector. Everyone, including non-Komatsu customers, will benefit from this add-on solution.

Source: Komatsu Germany GmbH