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Konecranes and Valtteri Bottas announce global marketing partnership

Co-operation visible worldwide across a range of media, events and other promotions, including placement of the Konecranes logo on Bottas’s race overalls.


Konecranes, a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, and Grand Prix winning driver Valtteri Bottas today announced a global marketing co-operation agreement for Konecranes to be an “Official Partner of Valtteri Bottas” until March 2018.

Speaking from Madrid, where Konecranes announced the partnership during its annual management conference, President and CEO Panu Routila spoke about the values and strategic intent that underpin the agreement:

“Valtteri has all the makings of a true champion and we’re thrilled to work together with him on this mutually-beneficial co-operation,” says Routila. “It’s still early in the 2017 motorsports season and Valtteri already has some great results with his new team, which makes the partnership even more exciting.”

“Around the globe Konecranes is recognized for being a technology leader, specifically in the areas that are core to any lifting operation: the gears, the motor and the controls,” continues Routila. “Together with new services like Konecranes TRUCONNECT® for remote monitoring, our business has strong parallels with the motorsports world, where top performance is also dependant on innovative technology, excellent teamwork and relentless focus.”

In the coming months, existing and potential customers of Konecranes will see the partnership come to life across the web, social media, outdoor advertising, videos, events and more. Bottas will also place the Konecranes logo on his personal website and social media domains, as well as on his race overalls.

Bottas, fresh from a weekend of racing in Barcelona, was also in Madrid for the launch event. He spoke about his motivation for choosing to work with Konecranes.


“I’m very happy to make an agreement of this kind with Konecranes, a company that aligns so well with my background and what I personally believe in,” says Bottas. “This is about having proud roots in Finland, yet working around the world. About using cutting-edge technology and purpose-built equipment that brings together some of the best engineering and teamwork on the planet. And about focusing on being the best at what you do – yet never losing sight of where you come from.”

Bottas’s agent Ville Ahtiainen, who represents the driver for all his personal marketing deals, says the agreement with Konecranes is all about mutual benefit and respect. “The best and most fruitful marketing partnerships are those where the parties truly believe in each other and see the world in the same way,” says Ahtiainen. “This is exactly how it is for Konecranes and Valtteri Bottas. It really is an ideal match.”

Source: Konecranes Oyj


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