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Kubota adds the FC3-221E to its growing range of out-front mowers

The FC3-221E is a versatile 2WD machine that offers the power and performance to tackle a wide range of turf applications
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The FC3-221E is a versatile 2WD machine that offers the power and performance to tackle a wide range of turf applications

IMAGE SOURCE: Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH

  • Kubota introduces the FC3-221E to its FC mower range, designed for versatility across various settings including residential, educational, and sports facilities.

  • The FC3-221E features a digital instrument display for real-time operating information, ergonomic design for enhanced operator control, and a 600-litre grass collector for extended mowing sessions.

  • Powered by a 22hp Kubota D902 engine, the mower offers exceptional manoeuvrability with hydraulic power steering and a deluxe padded suspension seat for operator comfort.

  • The FC3-221E offers a choice between 1.12m and 1.26m wide deck variants and can be equipped with additional attachments like a flail mower, snow blade, or vacuum hose, enhancing its utility.

Kubota is broadening its FC mower range by introducing the FC3-221E, a smaller, agile, and adaptable centre-collect machine ideal for various applications, including residential gardens, schools, recreational areas, as well as large-scale sports facilities.


The new 2WD FC3-221E boasts superb accessibility, with a seating position that provides operators with full visibility of the mower deck, giving operators increased control and precision for every operation. In addition to the ergonomic design, the mower comes equipped with a state-of-the-art digital instrument display. This advanced feature provides operators with real-time access to vital operating information, allowing for informed decision-making and optimised performance.

The Kubota FC3-221E cutting and collecting system is suitable for all lawn care needs and delivers excellent results.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH

Exceptional “cut and collect” performance

Engineered with precision, the mounting and positioning of the mower deck are meticulously crafted to follow the contour of the ground. The front-mounted deck configuration further adds to the performance by generating the optimal amount of air pressure beneath the housing. This approach guarantees a smoother cut and facilitates the seamless flow of grass cuttings to the collector turbine.

At the heart of the machine's functionality lies the strategically positioned suction turbine, a pivotal component that transfers grass cuttings. This patented design element significantly reduces the distance travelled by the cut grass, enabling rapid and efficient grass collection.

Additionally, the FC3-221E features an expansive 600-litre grass collector, meaning operators can cover significant areas before it requires emptying.

Der FC3-221E verfügt über einen großzügigen 600-Liter Grasfangbehälter, sodass der Bediener große Flächen abdecken kann, bevor dieser geleert werden muss.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH


Power and lawn maintenance

The 22hp FC3-221E is powered by the efficient Kubota D902 engine, providing the necessary power and torque to drive the hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic system with ease. Paired with hydraulic power steering, a soft-grip steering wheel, and a steering knob, this setup guarantees exceptional manoeuvrability. Enhanced by a deluxe padded suspension seat, adjustable armrests, and a high backrest, all tasks can be comfortably managed.

The front mower decks are equipped with two pairs of blades per rotor, offering distinct advantages over mid-mount configurations. By eliminating grass traversal before cutting, the two-wheel drive configuration offers greater manoeuvrability and precision in areas inaccessible to mid-mount setups. Available in 1.12m (44”) and 1.26m (50”) wide deck variants, with reverse rotation, this new Kubota mower guarantees a finer cut and accelerated mowing.. The machine´s versatility is further improved by the option to attach either a flail mower, a snow blade, or even a vacuum hose.

The FC3-221E is well-suited for extensive mowing duties yet remains compact and agile for smaller spaces. Its thorough cut-and-collect system makes it suitable for all grass maintenance requirements, providing outstanding results. The FC3-221E is also homologated for driving on public roads, facilitating transfer from one work site to another.

Durch Anheben des Grasfangbehälters und der Bedienerplattform ist der Zugang zum Motorraum leicht erreichbar. Alle routinemäßigen Wartungsaufgaben können sicher und effizient durchgeführt werden<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH

Accessible maintenance

Maintenance access is a crucial aspect to ensure longevity and reliability, and on the FC3-221E it is prioritised. By lifting the high-tip collector, and the operator platform, access to the engine compartment becomes easily reachable. All routine maintenance tasks can be conducted safely and efficiently, with ample space to access and service components.

Source: Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH