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Kubota develops its own TIM for the new M7002

Kubota Corporation positions itself at the cutting edge of technology with the development of its own TIM (Tractor Implement Management) system, a leading technology reducing the number of steps a driver must take to carry out baling activity by automating processes.


The TIM system notably reduces the possibility of committing human error with absolute bilateral communication between the tractor and the implement. This gives the tractor real-time information which means the driver does not have to check the state of the bales or monitor the running direction to complete baling, a job the tractor does autonomously thanks to a sensor on the front of the cab. Once an exact bale size is reached, the tractor stops and discharges it, always maintaining the same compaction level, achieving the highest quality work.

Another big plus of the Kubota TIM system is that it allows the driver to do the job better thanks to knowledge of the progress of the task provided by the system, together with increased comfort for the driver by eliminating manual operations. To use the TIM system you need to have ISOBUS Class 3 technology.

Differences between working with and without the TIM system

Steps without the TIM system:

1. Driving necessary to make the bale

2. Stopping to expel the bale when it reaches the exact size

3. Tying the bale

4. Slowing down the engine RPM

5. Opening the tail gate

6. Close the tail gate

7. Increase engine RPM

8. Start the next bale

Steps with the TIM system:

1. Driving necessary to make the bale

2. Allows the tractor to carry out these steps automatically:

  • Stopping to expel the bale when it reaches the exact size

  • Tying the bale

  • Slowing down the engine RPM

  • Opening the tail gate

  • Close the tail gate

  • Increase engine RPM

3. Start the next bale

With this important achievement, Kubota positions itself as one of the pioneering companies in the sector as this kind of system is rarely installed. Most importantly, it shows once more that, when committing itself to development, it always bears in mind the land and people’s lives. This philosophy is picked up by the company slogan: “For Earth, For Life”.

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH; EU Agricultural Business Unit