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Kubota IsoMatch Tellus PRO, an expert in boosting efficiency

ISOBUS Universal Terminal IsoMatch Tellus PRO will be added to the current IsoMatch product range by Kubota. With its advanced hardware and software features, it provides customers with the optimal precision farming solution for an all-in-one control system inside the tractor cab.

Saving in inputs, time, and costs


Today’s farming has evolved from individual craftsmanship to precision agriculture. Driven by advanced technology, precision agriculture will have a huge impact on traditional farming approaches across the world. Modern farmers demand more efficient, easy to operate machines to reach a higher yield. To fulfill these demands, Kubota has developed the IsoMatch Tellus PRO Universal terminal.

IsoMatch Tellus PRO is a centre that connects all the ISOBUS machines, and a platform for running precision farming applications. It offers everything a farmer needs to get the maximum out of his machines and crops, as well as cost savings in fertilisers, chemicals and seeds by using automatic section control and variable rate control. With its unique dual screen functionality it gives the farmer the opportunity to view and control two machines and processes simultaneously.

State-of-the-art technology

Fast is the word that best describes this new terminal of the IsoMatch range. With a state of the art quad-core processor, the customer experiences a fast responding terminal which is ready for work in less than 30 seconds after powering up. It enables the terminal to handle more demanding applications.

With the IsoMatch Tellus PRO farmers are ready to work with advanced future functions, features and APP’s. Apart from the already mentioned automatic section control and variable rate control, one of the new functionalities is full automatic guidance, IsoMatch AutoDrive. The maximum working range for the task controller IsoMatch GEOCONTROL has been increased from 2 km to maximum 10 km from the starting point, increasing its speed and efficiency. Plus, visibility is increased during the day and dimmed to just a glowing display in dark conditions.  

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH