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Ansgar Gerken, leasinGo

LeasinGo specializes in quick online leasing services

Lectura spoke with Ansgar Gerken, leasinGo about online machinery financing solutions and services.

Why should I use leasinGo to initiate construction machinery financing?


To get a quick overview of the conditions currently achievable on the market, should be called up. The quick leasing calculator shows the cheapest rate for leasing and hire purchase within seconds. With just a few more clicks, a specific inquiry is started and the experts from leasinGo carry out the credit check and prepare the contract. Financing is even possible within one day through leasinGo - as an independent broker.

Do you see a crisis in 2020 due to the investment climate?

The year 2020 started very well for us - i.e. with a high number of leasing inquiries. If anything, we see a dent in the general investment climate - definitely not a crisis. With regard to the financing of capital goods, this can also offer additional opportunities for leasinGo, since many companies are now more likely to finance necessary investments in order to conserve their liquidity.

leasinGo belongs to FM, a classic finance broker (offline). How are the queries distributed roughly - offline versus online?

Only leasinGo features a unique situation in which an innovative FinTech company works very closely with a classic leasing consultant. No FinTech in Germany has such structures and can therefore match the experience and regional presence that leasinGo has with FM LeasingPartner. With almost 80 employees and 14 locations in Germany, every customer can be personally looked after at his company headquarters if required or requested. In addition, conditions for leasing and hire purchase can be calculated online and requests can be made online, seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

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Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH