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LECTURA Innovation Guide for bauma

When it comes to heavy machinery, it doesn’t get any bigger than bauma. With more than 3,400 exhibitors showcasing their newest products and services over an unbelievable 575,000 square metres, bauma is the largest trade fair in the world. With so much going on, though, it’s easy to lose track of everything that is going – especially the parts that pertain to you.

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bauma 2016 – new machines and innovations – daily updated list:

Alimak Hek:

  • HEK MC 650, HEK MC 450, ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32, ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30, ALIMAK TCL lift, ALIMAK SCANDO 650 - These models represent the next stage in the expansion of Alimak Hek’s product portfolio, delivering on the Company’s commitment to quality, productivity and safety...Read full article >>

  • HEK MC 650, HEK MC 450 - Alimak Hek introduces the latest generation of mast climbing work platforms...Read full article >>

  • ALIMAK TCL - Alimak Hek introduces the new tower crane lift. Designed for installation on all existing tower crane brands and systems,...Read full article >>

  • ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32, ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 - Alimak Hek introduces two new construction hoists that deliver on the Company’s commitment to quality,...Read full article >>


  • vibratory plate - Ammann presents the latest innovation within its range of compaction equipment...Read full article >>

  • AFW/T 350-2, AFW/T 500-2, AFW 150-2, APF 1133, APF 1440, APF 1450, APF 2050, ARS 200 T4f, ARS 220 T4f, ART 240 T4f, ARX 90 T4f/T3, ARX 110 T4f/T3, ARR 1575, ARR 1585, Solid Batch, QuickBatch, Prime 100, CBS Elba, CBT Elba - Ammann will showcase products and prototypes at bauma...Read full article >>

  • AFW 150-2 - The new Ammann Paver features a hydraulically extendible screed and several significant material flow enhancements...Read full article >>

  • 11/33, APF 14/40, APF 14/50, APF 20/50 - Ammann’s latest line of APF forward-moving vibratory plates will be presented at Bauma 2016...Read full article >>

  • ARS 200 T4f/T3, ARS 220 T4f/T3 - Ammann has introduced the first two models of the new ARS line of single-drum soil compactors...Read full article >>

  • ART 240 T4f - The new Ammann Pneumatic-Tyred Roller provides productivity-improving operator comfort and an engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards...Read full article >>

  • ARX 90 T4f/T3, ARX 110 T4f/T3 - The new Tandem Rollers combine oscillation with the high compaction output seen on previous Ammann tandem rollers...Read full article >>

  • ARR 1575 Tier 4f - The new Ammann Roller overcomes high moisture content in cohesive soils and clays while consuming less fuel than its predecessors...Read full article >>

  • CBS Elba - Ammann is pleased to announce the availability of the new CBS Elba Concrete Mixing Plant, designed for small- to medium-sized businesses....Read full article >>

  • CBT 60 SL Elba - Ammann announces the launch of a new line of transport-optimized and compact concrete-mixing plants...Read full article >>

  • SolidBatch 140, SolidBatch 180 - Ammann has introduced the SolidBatch Asphalt-Mixing Plants, which are built for flexibility, customisation and reliability...Read full article >>

Atlas Copco:

  • BC 2500, BC 3700 - Atlas Copco will present its new generation of BC bucket crushers offering up to 80% higher output than previous models...Read full article >>


  • D100AHA, D1000 APG, D120AHG, D350AHG, D600APG, C150Hx4, C250Hx4, C500Hx4, T144 H, T235 H - In this occasion, AUSA will be attending with a wide representation of its products: dumpers, forklifts, telehandlers, multitask and street sweeper vehicles...Read full article >>

BAUER Maschinen Group:

  • BG series - BG 24 H, BG 28 H, BG 39, BG 46 , MC series - MC 96 - BAUER Maschinen Group will present their complete portfolio of equipment for specialist foundation engineering...Read full article >>

BELL Equipment:

  • B60E - Bauma 2016 marks the first time that Bell Equipment will showcase its 60-ton truck outside of Africa...Read full article >>

  • B50E, B45E, B40E, B35E - Articulated Dump Truck specialist, Bell Equipment, will build on its successful world preview of its prototype B50E truck...Read full article >>

  • B60E - Articulated Dump Truck specialist, Bell Equipment, plans to reconfirm its position as the supplier of the widest range of ADTs...Read full article >>

  • B60E, B40E - Shown for the first time outside Africa, and now incorporating the latest E-series design and technology,...Read full article >>


  • CM 280, CM 82S4, CM 271 - BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH presents a new generation of quickassembly cranes from BKL System Cattaneo in the 28 and 33 metre categories...Read full article >>


  • 213, 219, 226 - BOMAG showed its focus on quality with its new single drum roller range in the 11 to 26 tonnes weight class during the BOMAG Innovation Day events...Read full article >>

  • BF 300-2 - asphalt paver with more extras and less exhaust gases...Read full article >>

  • BM 1000/35, BM 1200/35, BM 1300/35, BM 2000/75 and BM 2200/75 - On the occasion of bauma 2016 in Munich, Bomag is expanding its machine portfolio in the area of cold planers...Read full article >>

  • BMF 2500 - BOMAG has added a series of feeders to its paving product range. The new machines are built in industrial cooperation in Germany,...Read full article >>

  • MPH 364 - Bomag has extended its range of products with the addition of a new recycler and soil stabilizer. The new construction machine has an operating...Read full article >>


  • Brokk 120 Diesel – Brokk announces the all new Brokk 120 Diesel - the world´s smallest diesel-driven demolition robot...Read full article >>


  • SL2, SL-AIR + “the semi-trailer with the highest effective load-carrying capacity within legal size limitations” - innovative semi-trailers specially designed for transporting construction machinery...Read full article >>

Case Construction:

  • D Series, F Series, 580ST - CASE Construction Equipment will show its full line of equipment and services for the construction industry...Read full article >>

  • D SeriesCX130D, CX160D, CX180D, CX490D, CX500D - CASE Construction Equipment is extending its new generation D Series crawler excavator line...Read full article >>

  • 580ST - CASE Construction Equipment extends its backhoe loader offering with the introduction of a new backhoe design with in-line cylinder geometry and inner extendahoe...Read full article >>

  • CX290D - CASE extends its D Series range of crawler excavators with a new model: the CX290D Material Handling...Read full article >>

Comer Industries:

  • S-328 steering axle, axle 128, 046 Hydro, axle F-046 HYDRO, PGR-3603 T - Comer Industries is strongly committed to offer green, safe and sustainable power transmission solutions...Read full article >>


  • B-Lift High Range - CTE will exhibit in outdoor area FS 1103/10 in a 300 square meters booth and will present important news, starting from a new range of telescopic truck mounted platform B-Lift...Read full article >>

Dinolift Oy:

  • 120TB, 160XTB II, 190XTE, 220XSE, 220XTC II, 240RXT - Dinolift Oy is continuing to develop the DINO 220XSE boom lift with some important new features adding to the versatility and ease of use of the machine...Read full article >>


  • DX57W-5 - Doosan Construction Equipment will be showing the company’s new 5 tonne DX57W-5 Stage IV compliant wheeled excavator...Read full article >>

  • DX140LC-5 -The DX140LC-5 model sets a new benchmark for this class of excavator worldwide, providing greatly improved performance...Read full article >>

  • DX140LCR-5 - The DX140LCR-5 is powered by the Perkins 1204F engine, which combines reduced fuel consumption with...Read full article>>

  • DX140W-5 , DX165W-5, DX190W-5, DL200-5, DL250-5, DX225LC-5, DX180LC-5, DX160W-5 , DL220-5 - Sharing the same DNA as the larger -5 models, the new Mid-Size models offer similar levels of productivity improvement,...Read full article >>


  • Quick hitch Standard Control (QSC) - a system that minimizes the risk of activating the wrong button or function. QSC is compatible with every make of excavator, tiltrotator and quick hitch on the market...Read full article >>


  • F2150RA, F710RA, F545RA, F305A , F255A, F65B, F70B, F40B - As for new crane models, there will three “light” cranes, two models belonging to the middle range and three to the heavy range...Read full article >>

Genie (Terex Material Handling):

  • Genie Z-60/37 FE - The new articulating boom offers operators two machines in one package for indoor and outdoor applications, while providing lower cost of operation and cleaner performance...Read full article >>


  • V761T TELE, V452T X-TRA HD, D254SW TELE, V5003 X-TRA HD, D204SW, D332SWT X-TRA, GIANT 4548 Tendo - GIANT machines have a high performance and the wide range of attachments make these machines enormous versatile and suitable for many applications...Read full article >>


  • GP3 - GOMACO will introduce the all-new slipform paver for widths up to 30 feet (9.14 m) to the international market...Read full article >>

  • 3300 - GOMACO is introducing the new 3300 multi-application slipform paver at Bauma 2016. The 3300 features extreme steering capabilities with Smart Leg and Track Positioning,...Read full article >>

Guntert & Zimmerman:

  • S400 - The new G&Z S400 Multi-Purpose Slipform Paver delivers the top performance contractors have come to expect from G&Z, while adding even greater value...Read full article>>


  • GRW 180i - HAMM also has something new in store in the rubber-wheeled roller sector...Read full article >>


  • HTL 5210, HTL6508, HTL7210 - An entirely new line of Haulotte telehandlers specifically adapted for heavy loads, this range addresses needs for handling loads of 5.2 to 7.2 tonnes...Read full article >>

  • STAR 6 - The ideal new solution for executing day-to-day work tasks efficiently and safely in both indoor and outdoor environments: industrial, maintenance & second-phase building works, event industry applications...Read full article >>

  • HA20 RTJ PRO - is a versatile machine for multiple applications: Building works, Finishing, Demolition, Maintenance, Landscaping and tree surgery, Sporting and other events...Read full article >>

  • STAR 8 and STAR 10 - Optimal agility in confined working areas to move and work efficiently and quickly, while ensuring the safety of the operators...Read full article >>

  • OPTIMUM 8 - Simple, robust and reliable, the Optimum 8 works non-stop to meet the requirements of productivity and ease of maintenance and safe working conditions at all times...Read full article >>

  • HT23 RTJ - The telescopic boom HT23 RTJ has oscillating axles as standard and automatic differential lock which give excellent rough-terrain operating performance...Read full article >>


  • MOFFETT E4 - Hiab, part of Cargotec, will present its latest innovations in Bauma Exhibition in Munich, Germany on April 11-17 2016...Read full article >>

  • T-009, T-018 - The T-series represents the HIAB quality, reliability and robustness while featuring the latest technology...Read full article >>

  • HiVision(TM) 3D control system - first in the industry a new vision system, moving crane operation to the safety and comfort of the truck cabin...Read full article >>

  • MULTILIFT Optima - a smart hooklift for customers who need the right performance and value for money for their everyday loading tasks...Read full article >>


  • AS4012 LPG - first lighting tower in the market fueled by LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cylinders...Read full article >>

  • New series of generator sets with MTU engines - A distinguishing feature of the new models is a common rail injection system and new electronic regulation...Read full article >>


  • Lightlift 15.70 Performance IIIS - new and extremly compact machine with extraordinary performances...Read full article >>

  • Lightlift 17.75 Performance IIIS MK2, Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS MK2 - Important innovations: New concept basket, Anti-entrapment system predisposition, etc...Read full article >>

  • HS701 - is a model with 700 kg load capacity, designed to guarantee a quick material unload...Read full article >>


  • ZX490LCH-6 - The new Zaxis-6 large excavator incorporates other high-quality components such as the in-cab console,...Read full article >>

  • ZX250LC-6 - The new model incorporates unique Hitachi technology developed specifically for the Zaxis-6 medium excavator range,...Read full article >>

  • ZX300LC-6 - Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) will introduce the ZX300LC-6 medium excavator...Read full article >>

  • ZX350LC-6 - The new Zaxis-6 medium excavator incorporates high-quality components such as the in-cab console, which is made of weather-resistant AES-grade...Read full article >>

  • ZX135US-5 - More compact than a conventional excavator, the ZX135US-5 SRF is ideal for tunnelling projects where space is limited...Read full article >>

  • ZX350LC-5 - Like all Zaxis-5 medium excavators, the ZX350LC-5 CTA has a TRIAS hydraulic system, which helps to boost efficiency by increasing the extension...Read full article >>

  • ZW220-6 - Hitachi presents the new ZW220-6 wheel loader at Bauma. Designed and engineered to meet the demands of the European market,...Read full article >>

  • ZW310-6 - Several features of the ZW310-6 ensure it is one of the safest wheel loaders in its class...Read full article >>

  • ZW65-6, ZW75-6 and ZW95-6 - Hitachi Construction Machinery will exhibit its new range of compact wheel loaders, designed and engineered to meet the demands of the European market...Read full article >>


  • TG2014TAXL, HZR 150, HT130, HT162, HB130, HB160, HC131, HC143, HC153, HC161, HC171, HC183, HC131K, HC161K - leading global provider of transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries, will display leading products from its Tipping Solution, Container Handling and Crane ranges...Read full article >>

Hyundai Heavy Industries:

  • R16-9, R17Z-9A, R25Z-9AK, R27Z-9, R35Z-9, R55-9A, R55W-9A, R60CR-9A, R80CR-9A, HX145 LCR, HX220 L, HX235 LCR, HX260 NL, HX300 NL, HX330 NL, HX380 L, HX520 L, HW140, HW210, HL940 TM, HL955 TM, HL960, HL970, HL980, 18BT-9, 35BH-9, 25D-9E, 30D-9, 35DA-9, 45D-9, 80D-9, 160D-9, 250D-9 - Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world’s biggest shipbuilder and a leading construction equipment maker, announced today it will present an extensive range of 33 construction equipment...Read full article >>


  • 3CX, 411, 417, 427, 437, 457, 1T – 10T - JCB is upgrading its mid-range wheeled loader range, introducing the proven DNA from its range-topping...Read full article >>


  • 400SC, 520AJ, X26J, 3510PS, 2632ES, 530LRT - The JLG exhibit at F.904/5 will include demonstrations of smart equipment, as well as the latest in hybrid technology and aftermarket support...Read full article >>


  • K.SLL 2, K.SLA 3, K.SLH 8, K.SPS 3 - Kässbohrer develops, produces and delivers the trailer that serves exactly the challenging needs of abnormal load movers...Read full article >>


  • H4, C8/K8, D6, B2, R4, R8 -  Keestrack is presenting a representative cross-section of its full product range at Bauma 2016 in the form of six crushing and screening units deployable in mobile processing technology for recycling applications...Read full article >>


  • CKE800G-2, CKE900G-2, CKE1100G-2, CKE1350G-2, CKE2500G-2, BME800G-2, CKE900G-2, CKE2500G - At Bauma 2016 KOBELCO is introducing 6 new models with the new Clean Diesel System Engine with exhaust gas emissions...Read full article >>

  • SK35SR-6 and SK30SR-6 - Kobelco’s all-new Generation 6 excavators may be small, but the specialist earthmoving and construction machines deliver big savings when it comes to operating costs...Read full article >>

  • SK350LC-10 and SK350NLC-10 - For more than 30 years, Kobelco has been committed to developing its SK range of excavators...Read full article >>


  • WA470-8 - Komatsu Europe presents the WA470-8 wheel loader, a utility performer with an EU Stage IV engine and fuel consumption up to 8 % lower than...Read full article >>

  • D85EXi/PXi-18 - Komatsu Europe presents the new dozer, Komatsu’s latest in a growing range of machines equipped with intelligent Machine Control technology...Read full article >>

  • PC138US-11 - With an operating weight range of 13,400 – 14,467 kg, the PC138US-11’s short tail swing radius makes it an ideal machine for safe working in confined work areas...Read full article >>

  • PC7000 - The new mining shovel does justice to Komatsu’s innovative design philosophy and technology-driven engineering. It represents the latest in mining technology,...Read full article >>

  • PC170LC-10 - The Komatsu excavator will be showcased at bauma 2016 with a “Low Ground Pressure” (“LGP”) undercarriage. Launched on the European market in 2015...Read full article >>

  • PC210LCi-10 - At Bauma 2016, the PC210LCi-10 machine control and guidance features will be demonstrated together with a new Komatsu tilt bucket...Read full article >>

  • PC490LC-10 - The PC490LC-10 High Reach Demolition (HRD) excavator, Komatsu’s latest addition to its highly successful demolition range, will be presented at bauma 2016 with a new adjustable undercarriage...Read full article >>


  • 2706, 5065T - Kramer will present a broad range of wheel loaders, tele wheel loaders and telehandlers...Read full article >>


  • PR 776 Litronic - At Bauma 2016 Liebherr will showcase the PR 776 Litronic crawler tractor,...Read full article >>


  • 100RT, TCC-1400, HTT-86110 - Link-Belt’s RTC-80150 Series II, new 100RT, new TCC-1400 and all-new HTT-86110 will proudly be displayed...Read full article >>


  • E-series - 915EIV, 925EIV, 933EIV, 939EIV, 9035EIIIA, 922EIIIB, 950EIIIA - LiuGong will present visitors with its range of wheel loaders, motor graders, rollers and skid steer loaders...Read full article >>

Linden Comansa:

  • 21LC450 - Linden Comansa wants to show the new 21LC450 flat-top crane at the bauma...Read full article >>


  • GRT8100 - The all-new GRT8100 rough-terrain crane features class-leading capabilities and Manitowoc’s Crane Control System...Read full article >>

  • MDT 249, MDT 259, MDT 269, MDT 319, MDT 389 - Manitowoc launches new line of topless cranes from Potain, all of which are equipped with Manitowoc’s Crane Control System, or CCS...Read full article >>

  • GMK4100L-1, GMK5250L, GMK6400 - There will be four Grove GMK all-terrain cranes on the Manitowoc Cranes booth at bauma 2016, including three new models which are making their first appearance at an international trade show....Read full article >>

MB S.p.A.:

  • MB Crusher Buckets generation 3.0 - Designed for all excavators the new Crusher Bucket are now even more compact with better balance in the collection phase...Read full article >>


  • MWR range - Wheeled excavators are at the heart of Mecalac’s business activity, and the company has established itself as a major player in this market...Read full article >>


  • New models - The new models awaiting visitors to the Merlo stand will range from rotary systems – that further improve current standards in terms of attainable heights and applied technology solutions - to stabilised models...Read full article>>


  • 1300 E - The 1300 E takes you even higher, with an increased working height of 0.3 m...Read full article>>


  • PK 165.002 TEC 7, SOLID series, M series - EPSILON M12Z , P 750, ISOTIP, DIN - PALFINGER will present itself as an innovative market leader for mobile loader cranes and as a technological pacesetter for hydraulic lifting and work systems at BAUMA 2016 as well...Read full article >>

  • ISOTIP - The 20t capacity ISOTIP hookloader is designed to load and to tip standard moveable containers....Read full article >>

Palfinger Sany:

  • SRC550 - The Rough Terrain Crane series is characterized by excellent off-road performance, four-wheel steering and an optimal coordinated safety and control system...Read full article >>

  • STC250, STC500, STC750, STC800, STC100C, STC1300C, SRC350, SRC550, SRC750, SPC250, SPC320, SPC400, SAC1800, SAC2200, SAC3000 - PALFINGER SANY Mobile Cranes sets the starting signal for entering the European market...Read full article >>

Platform Basket:

  • Spider 27.14, Spider 33.15, Spider 18.90 Pro, Spider 18.90 PRO Series, Spider 22.10 EVO, Spider 13.80 – All models meet the continuous demand of the market...Read full article >>


  • Round Grab RG-75/125-SAFELOCK - The Round Grab maintains its full gripping force even in difficult situations and even in cases of grabber operating errors...Read full article >>


  • PUMI 25-4, PUMI 28-4 - The most important advancements include the unique stepless support, the 4-arm distributing boom, the new S-pump, the Ergonic 2.0 control...Read full article >>

  • BSF 47-5 - Truck-mounted concrete pump features a 5-arm placing boom mounted on a 4-axle chassis...Read full article >>


  • R1100S, R1100DS, R1100DE -The impact crushers of the R1100 series are already equipped with many new features,...Read full article >>


  • R5 - New model aimed specifically at machines in the segment 14 to 19 tonnes...Read full article >>


  • STEIGER ®-Evolution - motto at bauma 2016 – REVOLUTION – shows that the German truck-mounted aerial work platform manufacturer still has plenty of new and exciting ideas up its sleeve … Read full article >>


  • 735 -  SENNEBOGEN is introducing another development for this year's bauma trade show, including a 1:50-scale model for collectors and...Read full article >>

  • 870 - SENNEBOGEN will introduce the new 870 material handler for demanding material handling at ports, scrapyards, or for industrial use...Read full article >>

  • 730 - The latest generation of the 730 Pick & Carry material handler rounds out SENNEBOGEN's timber handlers and boasts a compact size,...Read full article >>

  • SLC 4000 - SENNEBOGEN has developed the new SLC 4000 ladle cleaner for just this purpose...Read full article >>

  • 6300 - The latest and largest duty cycle crawler crane by the crane manufacturer out of Lower Bavaria is slowly taking shape...Read full article >>

  • 3300 - SENNEBOGEN has included its crawler crane models in its upgrade to the next generation of engines...Read full article >>

Schäffer Maschinenfabrik:

  • 5650 Z - New wheel loader with Z-Kinematics and engine outputs between 37 kW (50 HP) and 75 kW (102 HP)...Read full article >>

  • 2436 SLT - The wheel loader with 26 kW / 36 HP and a bucket capacity of 0.5 m3 is perfect in situations where high performance in tight space is needed...Read full article >>

  • 3450 S - The 3450 S fills the gap between the 24 series and the wheel loaders with Z-Kinematics by Schäffer....Read full article >>

  • 9660 T - With a working weight of 11 to 13 t and a lifting capacity of 5,3 t, the 9660 T is ready for maximum demands...Read full article >>

  • Z-Kinematics - 4350 Z, 5680 Z, 6680 Z, 8600Z - Schäffer, the specialist for compact, articulated wheel and telescopic wheel loaders, presents itself at the bauma with an expanded program of machines...Read full article >>


  • SJIII 4740 DC, SJ30 ARJE - Skyjack will be launching the SJIII 4740 DC electric scissor lift and the SJ30 ARJE articulating boom with rotating jib...Read full article >>


  • forSte 75TJJ, forSte 15VTJ, forSte 21DJ, forSte 20TJ, forSte 20TJ, forSte 28D - Socage has decided to show the world a combination of technological innovation and Italian design...Read full article >>


  • SC-120 HD – New heavy Duty cycle crawler crane equipped with a hydraulic rotary SA-40 for large-diameter bored piling...Read full article >>


  • ATF 600G-8, GR-1450EX, GTC-800 - Among the new machines on display will be the ground-breaking all terrain, which with its revolutionary Triple-Boom System...Read full article >>

  • GTC-800 - TADANO will introduce the new model, 80 tonne (88 US ton) telescopic boom crawler crane at BAUMA 2016 in the Tadano booth...Read full article >>

Terex construction:

  • TC14-2, TC16-2, TC19-2, TC22-2, TC35-2, TC37-2 - Terex Compact Germany (Crailsheim) is launching six new mini excavators from 1.4 to 3.7 tonnes...Read full article >>

  • TLB830, TA9SP - Terex Compact UK will exhibit a number of products from its 2016 compact equipment portfolio, including a new site dumper – the TA9SP – alongside a new addition to its 2016 backhoe loader portfolio, the TLB830...Read full article >>

Terex Environmental Equipment:

  • TDS V20 - Terex Environmental Equipment (TEE) has made significant developments over the past years with strategic business acquisitions and an aggressive new product development programme...Read full article >>

Terex Finlay:

  • I-140 - The NEW Terex® Finlay I-140 direct drive ø1270mm x 1240mm (Ø50” x 48”) horizontal impact crusher with variable speed gives operators unprecedented levels of production in both recycling, mining and quarrying applications...Read full article >>


  • EC35D, ECR35D, ECR40D - The new compact excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment feature comfortable cabs and advanced, easy-to-use controls for precise operation...Read full article >>

  • A60H - The new 55 tonne capacity Volvo meets growing customer demand for articulated haulers with larger capacities,...Read full article >>

  • EW60E - The wheeled excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment is a versatile and powerful machine that can be tailored for any job...Read full article >>

  • EWR150E - The new wheeled excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment boasts the shortest swing radius of all Stage IV / Tier 4 Final machines on the market...Read full article >>

  • L45H, L50H - The H-series wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) are powerful assets on every jobsite...Read full article >>

  • B-Series - The new SD75B, SD115B and SD135B soil compactors from Volvo Construction Equipment are packed with advanced technology...Read full article >>

  • EC750E - The crawler excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment is a 75 tonne class crawler excavator that offers the perfect combination of power and stability...Read full article >>


  • SUPER 1800-3i - SprayJet technology from VÖGELE has been proving its value for many years and is used for pavement rehabilitation and construction...Read full article >>

  • SUPER 800-3i - An extremely compact mini paver that is supremely capable of handling a large number of applications...Read full article >>


  • SC552, SC852 - With the launch of the Vermeer SC552 and reintroduction of the SC852 stump cutters, Vermeer is pleased to offer...Read full article >>

  • D24x40 - Speed, simplicity and sound are the trademarks of the Vermeer S3 generation of directional drills, and D24x40 S3 combines these attributes...Read full article >>

  • D40x55 - The Vermeer D40x55 S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drill (HDD) adds more punch and drilling force over its predecessor...Read full article >>

  • D60x90 - With the launch of the D60x90 S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drill (HDD), Vermeer has extended its S3 drill...Read full article >>

  • D23x30 - The Vermeer D23x30 S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drill (HDD) packs speed and power into a shorter...Read full article >>

  • S725TX - Vermeer introduced its newest mini skid steer that can handle a wide array of projects, from irrigation systems and hardscape projects...Read full article >>

Wacker Neuson:

  • DPU80, DPU110, DPU80r, DPU110r, DPU130r, WM80, AS30e, AS50e, WL20e, DT10e, 803, DPU80, DPU110, DPU90, DW50, DW60, DW90, DW100, EZ80, EZ53, EZ80, ET65, ET90, EW65, EW100, TH627, WL44, WL54 - Whether groundbreaking innovations, such as fully emission-free solutions for indoors, material transport and compaction,...Read full article >>


  • W 150 Cfi, W 130 CFi, W 120 CFi and W 100 CFi - Wirtgen offers the largest range of cold milling machines industry-wide, with milling widths...Read full article >>

  • SP 92i, SP 94i, SP 61i, SP 62i, SP 64i, TCM 180i - Wirtgen is presenting the latest developments for high-quality concrete paving at bauma 2016...Read full article >>


  • 3TNV86CHT, 4TNV86CHT, 4TNV94FHT - Three new turbocharged and aftercooled engines will be launched by Yanmar at this year’s bauma trade show...Read full article >>


  • FB25H, ZTF600, T8030-25 - Zoomlion will lead its CIFA, M-TEC and RAXTAR to take part in Bauma 2016 in Germany with 38 exhibits including concrete machinery,...Read full article >>

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