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An Android-based customizable display for off-highway applications


MTA, a company renowned for the development and production of a wide range of electromechanical and electronic products for the primary OEMs, will showcase during Bauma Munich (hall A2, stand 627) Leonardo, the off-the-shelf display whose software can be easily customized by OEMs according to the specific needs of the off-highway machines it is installed in.

Leonardo can be used as a stand-alone device – in this case it also acts as a dashboard – but it can also be incorporated in an electronic system that includes other displays or dashboards.

Leonardo’s software can be customized using Android Studio, a software environment aimed at the most expert programmers, that allows customers to develop complex, refined graphics. In order to ensure a user-friendly programming, MTA has developed a proprietary Android plug-in called Speedy Creator® that makes available specific functions and graphics of the construction world, allowing quick, simple development of applications.

A specific hardware for all working conditions

Leonardo has a large screen, a 12.1" TFT color touchscreen with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels that makes it ideal for all off-highway applications where it is necessary to simultaneously display several parameters related to the machine and the equipment connected to it. The multitouch screen (up to 10 points) with the latest generation touch controller also makes it very reliable and extremely accurate even when the operator uses gloves.

The large size, the high resolution and the high luminous intensity give Leonardo a very high visibility, even with intense direct light. Moreover, Leonardo undergoes an optical bonding treatment that involves a special technique that completely eliminates the air between the display and the screen, thereby minimising reflection. Finally, the glass used for the screen is anti-glare and anti-fingerprint.

MTA also paid particular attention to the materials and construction methods employed on Leonardo to make sure that the display remains highly robust and reliable over time, extremely resistant to vibrations and high temperatures, and ensures an IP66 degree of protection.

Modern interfaces for connection

Leonardo offers WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces. The former allows the display to connect to a WiFi hotspot, while Bluetooth (available from 2020) can be used for direct connection to a smartphone. Leonardo can also be used in hands-free mode, thanks to a speaker, a microphone input and an audio output connected to a possible external audio amplifier.

Like the other on-board customizable dashboards, displays and units belonging to MTA range, Leonardo is entirely developed and produced in the company’s production site in Rolo, a factory dedicated to electronic production that implements the most modern technologies meeting the latest, most stringent regulations of the automotive sector. 

Source: MTA S.p.A.