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Logimat 2016 preliminary report Itworks

At LogiMAT 2016 Itworks will be glad to present the latest version vo-CE 5, designed to work with the most innovative wearable devices with Windows or Android OS.

The “hands free” concept is still of current interest at the warehouses: the comfort and the ergonomics are appreciated by warehouse operators while better control of resources becomes a more pressing issue for Supply Chain Managers. That’s why Itworks continues to invest in the voice technology combining its advantages with the features that new wearable devices like Smart Glasses can offer. As a result, every operation is carried out in the most efficient way while the device is integrated directly with WMS or ERP.

vo-CE 5 is still based on ASR and TTS engines from Nuance, both speech independent and speech dependent, and has all the functionalities of the previous versions: “check digit”, different protocols support, etc. At the same time the device equipped with the software is connected to a monocular display with integrated HD camera ready to take pictures or make high-definition videos to be saved in the device or transferred in real-time. A ring scanner connected to the device via Bluetooth completes the solution allowing to confirm the item to pick.

Such powerful system, light and ergonomic, is perfect for various Supply Chain processes: from goods arrival control to data collection during production process and to picking of goods to send to stores.