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Makinex Celebrates Three Awards at the 2023 USA-based Pro Tool Innovation Awards

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Makinex, an Australian owned leader in innovative solutions for the construction, industrial, and commercial sectors, has been awarded three prestigious awards at the 2023 USA-based Pro Tool Innovation Awards. Makinex was honoured with awards for their Hose2Go, Mobile Charge Pod, and Dual Pressure Washer 4000 products, garnishing recognition for their expertise in creating cutting-edge innovations that address the needs of professionals seeking enhanced efficiency and productivity.

The Pro Tool Innovation Award is a respected institution in the industry celebrating product innovation for over a decade. This year, 99 different manufacturers and brands submitted over 465 products in dozens of categories. The award is voted by a panel of judges, composed of contractors, construction business owners, tradespeople, and media professionals. Winning a Pro Tool Innovation Award is a testament to a product´s quality, innovation, and its ability to meet the real needs of professionals.

Hose2Go<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Makinex


John Stewart, CEO of Makinex, expressed his excitement about the three awards, stating, “We are honoured to receive these three respected awards at the 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award Programs. The Makinex team always strives to deliver innovative solutions to our valued customers. These awards motivate us to continue pushing the boundaries of what´s possible in our industry.”

In a statement reflecting on the 11th annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards, Executive Director Clint DeBoer expressed admiration for the ongoing innovation in the industry. “This marks our 11th year of hosting the PTIA Awards, and each year we witness an increasing level of innovation from both large and small companies.” DeBoer added, “Every Pro Tool Innovation Award celebrates a product developed by people who really believe that the standard we´re used to is no longer good enough.”

Makinex continues to be at the forefront of innovation, providing incredible solutions to professionals worldwide. Makinex’s track record of delivering high-quality products, evident in their growing list of accolades, has solidified its position as a leader in the construction, industrial, and commercial sectors.

Dual Pressure Washer 4000<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Makinex

Source: Makinex