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Makita presents more Cordless options for concrete contractors

Makita Invites Attendees to Experience a Cordless Job Site at World of Concrete 2020


The Makita booth at World of Concrete will be hands-on with over 20 product demonstrations. Attendees can run a range of Makita concrete solutions, including the 18V X2 (36V) LXT 1-9/16" Advanced AVT Rotary Hammer (model XRH07PTUN), shown here.

February 4, 2020, Las Vegas, NV – Makita® U.S.A., Inc., the innovation leader in power tools accessories, is featuring an expanded cordless job site this week at World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Concrete contractors will see new cordless solutions that deliver lower noise, less vibration and improved dust extraction without compromising performance. 

More Efficiency, Increased Productivity

“Makita innovation is engineering-driven with the objective of helping contractors meet challenges and work more efficiently,” said David Fernandez, product manager for concrete products. “Makita provides the solutions that contractors need to solve pain points and achieve maximum productivity on the job site. This week at World of Concrete, we’re displaying more innovation and featuring more cordless tools and dust extraction. These are great solutions for concrete contractors, who often face power supply challenges that hinder productivity.”

With over 20 hands-on demonstrations, the Makita booth offers attendees at World of Concrete the opportunity to experience more solutions for nearly every stage in concrete construction.

NEW for World of Concrete 2020

Makita is highlighting the following new releases:

NEW 18V X2 LXT (36V) Brushless 9” Power Cutter (XEC01):

The new XEC01 eliminates the hassles of gas in a cordless concrete cutting solution – 18V X2 (36V) LXT technology allows for lower noise, immediate starts and reduced overall maintenance. With zero emissions, the XEC01 allows for use in indoor environments. The compact size and low weight compared to gas power cutters makes XEC01 the ideal solution for wall or above chest applications. The integrated water delivery system with water flow adjustment knob continuously feeds water for OSHA Table 1 Compliance in concrete cutting applications. (available spring 2020)

NEW 11 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Filter Dust Extractor/Vacuum (VC4210):

The VC4210L is a best-in-class solution for dust extraction in a full range of applications, including concrete. The VC4210L offers several upgrades over the previous model VC4710 including lower weight and increased airflow (148 CFM), as well as a lower center of gravity and wider base for stability and mobility. The 2-stage filtration system is OSHA compliant and features easy access for convenient filter changes, and the OSHA-compliant filter-cleaning mechanism uses reversed air, not “knocking”, for efficient cleaning and longer filter life. A full range of accessories will be offered, including a 12” Concrete Slurry Floor Nozzle (sold separately).  (available now)

NEW 18V LXT Brushless AVT Power Scraper (XKH01):

The new 18V Power Scraper accepts SDS-PLUS bits, and gives contractors a new solution for scraping, light chipping, scaling, and chiseling – without the cord. It features Makita Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT®), is a vibration absorbing housing which moves independently of the hammer mechanism effectively isolating vibration. Users will experience consistent power output throughout the application with constant speed control electronics. (available spring 2020)

NEW LXT and LXT X2 (36V) Portable Backpack Power Supply (PDC01):

The PDC01 is a power management solution that utilizes up to four LXT batteries for four-times the run time when used with 18V LXT products and two-times the run time with LXT X2 (36V) tools. It is ideal for use with high-demand application tools including rotary hammers, as well as with blowers for clean-up applications. (available late February 2020)

NEW 18V LXT Brushless Impact Wrenches (XWT14, XWT15, XWT17):

World of Concrete attendees will see three new cordless impact wrenches for a range of fastening applications, including setting concrete anchors. All three models feature efficient brushless motors and speed setting controls. Precision features include Auto Stop Forward Mode for increased efficiency when setting anchors, and Auto Stop Reverse Mode to prevent fastener damage and run-off of bolt nuts. (XWT14 and XWT15 available late spring 2020. XWT17 available late summer 2020)

NEW 18V X2 (36V) LXT Brushless Blower (XBU04):

The new cordless blower offers three functions (blowing, vacuum, mulching), and easily converts from vacuum to blower. With up to 473 CFM and 120 MPH, it gives contractors and landscapers maximum performance for convenient clean-ups (available spring 2020)

NEW Couple Shaft Attachment (UB400MP):

The Makita Couple Shaft System offers maximum versatility with two different compatible power heads: 4-stroke (EX2650LH) and 18V X2 (36V) Cordless (XUX01). The expanding system offers 12 compatible attachments including string trimmers, pole saws, and sweepers, as well as the new Blower Attachment (UB400MP), giving both contractors and landscapers a new solution for fast clean-ups. (available spring 2020)

NEW 18V X2 (36V) LXT Cordless Upright L.E.D. Area Light (DML810):

The DML810 has a self-righting design that keeps it in the upright position. It provides 5,500 lumens on high setting and has 3 range modes: 360 degrees, left 180 degrees, and right 180 degrees. For maximum versatility it offers corded or cordless operation (includes AC power cord), and users can chain multiple lights together with the on-board AC inlet and outlet. (available late February 2020)

NEW 18V LXT Cordless L.E.D. Flashlight/Spotlight (DML812):

This hand-held lighting solution offers 4-mode operation (Spot, Flood, Spot/Flood, and Strobe), and up to seven hours of illumination when using one 5.0Ah battery. It will illuminate up to 700 yards in Spot and Spot/Flood modes (available late February 2020)

NEW Premium Diamond Blades: Makita’s expanded range of premium diamond blades feature a new bond formulation and increased segment heights (from 7mm to 13mm) for faster cuts and longer performance life. The new premium diamond blades will be in use at hands-on demonstrations in related applications throughout the Makita booth. (available now) 

The Makita booth will offer hands-on demonstrations in a full range of additional applications featuring new and existing tools, accessories and dust extractors. Demonstrations will include the following:


Formwork often takes contractors away from traditional power sources. Makita is offering more cordless solutions for this phase of construction with more cordless cutting solutions including the 18V X2 LXT (36V) Brushless Cordless Rear Handle 7-1/4” Circular Saw (XSR01). At World of Concrete 2017, Makita announced the release of this world’s first 7-1/4” rear handle circular saw. Today the XSR01 is favorite for formwork and framing, offering power, capacity and the lowest weight in its category.

Rebar Tying and Cutting

Makita continues to expand its cordless options for rebar tying and metal cutting. Makita will feature several options for rebar and metal, including the 18V LXT Brushless Rebar Tying Tool (XRT01), which deliversup to 5,300 ties of #3 x #3 diameter rebar on a single charge using an 18V 5.0Ah battery. Also featured will be the 18V X2 LXT (36V) Brushless 14" Cut-Off Saw (XWL01), the world’s first cordless 14” cut-off saw, as well as the expanding range of cordless metal cutting saws and rebar cutters.

Dust Extraction

Makita’s expanding dust extraction system includes corded and cordless solutions. The range includes select tools with built-on dust extractors (maximum portability), cordless backpack dust extractors (mobility and capacity), cordless cannister dust extractors (increased capacity with cordless convenience), and corded cannister dust extractors for maximum performance. To search the system, Makita offers the category’s best online app that allows contractors to browse OSHA-compliant dust extraction systems by trade, application, model number, and more (go to and hit the SOLUTIONS link at the top of the page). At World of Concrete, Makita will highlight the full range of dust extraction solutions including the new VC4210L (mentioned above).  

Concrete Drilling

Makita will demonstrate a full range of cordless and corded rotary hammers, SDS-PLUS and SDS-MAX, for drilling and chipping applications. Rotary hammers will be running with Makita’s new 2-cutter, 3-cutter and 6-cutter carbide bits engineered for faster drilling, rounder holes and longer performance life. Several demonstrations will feature rotary hammers equipped with OSHA-compliant dust extraction systems, including built-on, backpack, and cannister dust extractors.

Concrete Cutting

Makita will feature the new 18V X2 (36V) Cordless 9” Power Cutter (XEH01) in a wet-cutting application. Makita gas-powered power cutters will also be on demonstration, including powerful 2-stroke models (14” and 16”) as well as the world’s first 4-stroke engine power cutter (model EK7651H) which offers contractors the convenience and efficiency of no fuel mixing.

Concrete Surfacing and Cutting

Attendees will have the opportunity to run a variety of Makita solutions for concrete surfacing and cutting. Makita angle grinders and concrete planers will be equipped with shrouds, attachments and dust extractors as part of an OSHA-compliant system. Demonstrations will feature the new VC4210L Dust Extractor, as well as the new premium diamond blades engineered for faster cutting and longer performance life.

Cutting and Clean-Ups

There is increased resistance to gas-powered equipment, and Makita has responded with an expanding range of cordless power equipment including chain saws, blowers, string trimmers, pole saws, a couple shaft system, and more. At World of Concrete, attendees can run the new 18V X2 (36V) Brushless Cordless Chain Saws and experience the faster cutting performance over a comparable gas-powered model. Makita cordless blowers will be on hand to demonstrate their efficient clean-up capability. 

Makita® 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion System

Makita LXT is the world’s largest cordless tool system powered by 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries. Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger. Experience the cordless job site at World of Concrete. 

Source: Makita