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Massey Ferguson introduces new four and six cylinder Combines and host of refinements for 2016

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO, is proud to announce the introduction of the new MF Activa 7340 combine, which is powered by the latest, highly advanced four cylinder engine. This is accompanied by the new six cylinder, MF Activa 7344 combine with a host of other refinements to the range to improve operation and performance.


“It’s been a long time since a combine has been powered by a four cylinder engine,” says Adam Sherriff, Manager Marketing Massey Ferguson. “This offers the operating benefits of a six cylinder, but in a lighter, smaller package. Fewer moving parts reduce friction leading to lower fuel consumption with quieter operation,” he explains.

AGCO Power is leading the field in developing highly efficient, powerful and compact engines. The most modern design develops exceptional power density from its four cylinders using advance fuel injection to deliver high power and torque.

Customers are now also benefiting from AGCO’s recent significant investment in the harvesting facility at Breganze in Italy. This has introduced state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment that are further enhancing quality and reliability.

“After a successful 2015 season – selling out of all Massey Ferguson Delta and Centora combine production – Massey Ferguson continues to bolster its position as a leading combine manufacturer,” adds Mr Sherriff.

For the 2016 season Massey Ferguson is introducing a number of changes to provide even better performance and value.

Massey Ferguson Combine advances for 2016

  • New MF Activa 7340 powered by advanced, four cylinder AGCO Power, 4.9 litre engine

  • New MF Activa 7344 powered by the latest AGCO Power six cylinder, 7.4 litre engine

  • 5.5m PowerFlow header option for new MF Activa 7344

  • New terminal and multi-function control lever

  • Easy to change sectional concave for MF Activa and MF Beta

  • MF Activa S models offer faster unloading with a longer auger

  • ParaLevel option for two-wheel drive MF Beta combines

  • New 9.2m PowerFlow table with SuperFlow auger and quick adjust features

  • New yield monitor for MF Delta and MF Centora combines

New MF Activa 7340 delivers efficient performance

The new five straw-walker, MF Activa 7340 combine, which replaces the MF Activa 7240, is a superb entry-level machine for those wishing to secure their own harvest, offering specifications often found only on higher capacity models.

The MF Activa 7340 combine is powered by the latest and most advanced 176hp, AGCO Power 4.9 litre, four cylinder engine, employing pioneering engine technology developments to boost power density. This enables new three and four cylinder engines to deliver unrivalled performance to improve efficiency and economy.

The large displacement, 4.9 litre four valve/cylinder engine features Fourth Generation common rail fuel injection and controls and employs maintenance free SCR technology to meet the latest emissions standards with low fuel consumption. It is already well-proven in the award-winning MF 6600 Series tractors – including the most powerful four cylinder model on the market.

With the engine comes a new CANbus linked control panel in the cab. This colour screen shows a range of engine and combine operating information.

A new ‘sectional’ concave, which can be changed through the stone trap, further improves this versatile combine’s harvest quality in a range of crops. This allows operators to quickly and easily switch the front section of the concave to, for example, a wider maize unit without the need to remove the elevator.

The 600mm x 1,340mm cylinder provides the largest separating area in its class with a unique concave, which has narrower wires at the front that widen at the rear to increase separation. Independent adjustment front and rear offers added control of threshing performance.

An extra 14° of concave wrap is provided by the Active Rear Beater Concave, which also uses a rear beater to control the straw flow to the walkers.

The comfortable, air-conditioned cab is equipped with a deluxe suspended seat, electric mirrors and heating as standard. A new Multifunction lever, which is similar to that used on larger Massey Ferguson combines, provides convenient and comfortable control of all the commonly-used combine functions.

PowerFlow header for new MF Activa 7344

The new MF Activa 7344, which replaces the MF Activa 7244 is now available with the option of a 5.5m wide PowerFlow header. This brings the benefits of this output enhancing cutterbar to users of smaller combines, providing unparalleled performance in oilseed rape, while improving cutting and output in a wide range of crops.

“PowerFlow is proven to boost output by up to 73% in oilseed rape, 15% in wheat and 12% in barley. It is also particularly useful in difficult conditions, helping farmers secure more of their harvest, more quickly,” explains Mr Sherriff.

The existing range of FreeFlow cutterbars, with Terra control auto-levelling option, is still available in widths from 4.2m to 6.6m.

The five straw-walker MF Activa 7344 is powered by a new advanced 218hp AGCO Power 7.4 litre, six cylinder engine. This is widely used in Massey Ferguson tractors. This durable, fuel efficient and powerful engine is set to precisely deliver the torque and response required for efficient performance when combine harvesting.

The new MF Activa 7344 also benefits from the same drum and concave with independent adjustment as the MF Activa 7340. It also benefits from the Active Rear Beater Concave, for optimum threshing in a wide variety of crops and conditions.

The MF Activa 7344 features the same new, multi-function lever and terminal as the MF Activa 7340 and is topped off with new styling. This follows the Massey Ferguson Combine family feel with a new cab roof, grey upper part and a new rear straw hood. A wider flanged Rockinger trailer hitch is a new option.

Faster unloading

MF Activa S Combines, offering powers from 243hp to 306hp and equipped with five or six straw-walkers are now equipped with a longer discharge auger providing faster unloading speeds.

Models with the Multi Crop Separator have a 5m long auger and unload at 105 litres/sec, while those without have a 4.5m long auger and unloading speeds of 85 litres/sec. The sectional concave, similar to that on the MF Activa models, is now a factory-fit option.

ParaLevel option for two-wheel drive combines

The unique Massey Ferguson ParaLevel system is now available as an option on two-wheel drive versions of the MF Beta 7360 PL and MF Beta 7370 PL combines. This move allows operators with less severe slopes to still benefit from using this stable system.

“All operators know that Combines work best when they are running as level as possible,” says Mr Sherriff. “Those that have slight slopes or rolling land who don’t need the addition of four-wheel drive, can now employ the ParaLevel system on slopes up to 15% to improve output and grain sample.”

The robust, straightforward ParaLevel system uses a parallel linkage that actually increases stability on slopes. It also offers the distinct advantage of still allowing wide tyres up to 800/65 R 32s to be fitted and remain within 3.5m width for transport on the MF Beta 7360.

Massey Ferguson Beta Combines are now supplied with the AgCommand telemetry hardware as standard. Options now also included the new Rockinger trailer hitch and factory-fit Sectional concave.

All MF Activa and MF Beta Flatland Combines are available with wear resistant components as well as in rice specification for added flexibility and, if necessary, without the straw chopper.

New Generation 9.2m wide PowerFlow header

Massey Ferguson is introducing a New Generation 9.2m (30ft) wide version of the PowerFlow header, equipped with the same SuperFlow auger first seen on the 10.74m wide version. At 762mm in diameter, the auger provides 41% more working area than any other design.

This offers unrivalled crop collection from the moving belts with a superb, even ‘heads first’ feed into the elevator. PowerFlow is proven to increase output in oilseed rape up to 70% and boost performance in other crops.

MF Centora eight straw-walker Combines and the MF Delta Hybrid machines are now fitted with a new yield meter, two central greasing points one on each side of the machine, as well as additional work lights and remote power points. A host of other small changes have been introduced to increase durability and for better operational efficiency, making these two machines and their AutoLevel versions a real choice in the market for forward thinking farmers.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson Activa 7345 S on LECTURA Specs
Massey Ferguson Activa 7345S on LECTURA Specs