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MCS Rental Software becomes a carbon neutral supplier

Carbon Neutral
MCS Rental Software International
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Carbon Neutral

IMAGE SOURCE: MCS Rental Software

  • MCS Rental Software has achieved carbon neutrality, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the equipment rental industry.

  • The company has conducted a comprehensive analysis of its greenhouse gas emissions to inform its strategies for reducing and offsetting its environmental impact.

  • Initiatives such as paperless processes and enhanced asset utilization have been implemented to lower carbon emissions within the equipment rental sector.

  • Managing Director Guy van der Knaap highlights the importance of coordinated efforts across various sectors to address climate change and the company's dedication to sustainability.

  • MCS Rental Software is actively involved in supporting nature recovery and conservation efforts, including the development of regional wildlife corridors.

  • This achievement reinforces MCS Rental Software's leadership in promoting sustainable practices and sets a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the business community.

MCS Rental Software proudly announces its achievement of becoming a carbon-neutral business, marking a significant milestone in the company´s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


By meticulously calculating greenhouse gas emissions, MCS Rental Software gained a thorough understanding of its environmental impact, laying the groundwork for strategic initiatives to minimise and offset these emissions.

Driven by a dedication to sustainability, MCS Rental Software has implemented innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions within the equipment rental industry. The company has demonstrated its proactive approach through a series of initiatives, including paperless processes, enhancing asset utilisation, and empowering hire businesses to lower their CO2 emissions.

Guy van der Knaap, MCS Managing Director, says, “This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to driving sustainability within the rental industry. It requires coordinated efforts across nations, industries, and communities to mitigate the causes of climate change and adapt to its impacts. We recognise the importance of environmental responsibility and are proud to take this significant step toward mitigating our environmental impact.”

In addition, MCS Rental Software has actively supported nature recovery and conservation by engaging with the local community. It demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship beyond its operational scope by joining initiatives to develop regional wildlife corridors and combat climate change.

This significant accomplishment further solidifies MCS Rental Software´s position as a frontrunner in driving sustainable practices within the equipment rental industry, setting an example for businesses to embrace environmental responsibility and work toward a more sustainable future.

Source: MCS Rental Software