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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems to Supply 2 x 1 on 1 M501J Single Shaft Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Trains for Capital Power/ENMAX Genesee 4/5 Power Generation Facility.

MHPS Canada, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc. (MHPSA) has been selected by Capital Power (G4) Limited Partnership, manager of a joint venture formed by Capital Power and an affiliate of ENMAX Corporation, to supply 2 x 1 on 1 M501J Single Shaft GTCC Power Trains for installation in a new facility at Capital Power’s existing Genesee Power Plant near Warburg, Alberta, Canada.  Under a separate long term service agreement executed by the joint venture partners, MHPSC will also provide comprehensive maintenance for the gas turbines, steam turbines and associated electric generators.


Each of the power trains will be configured in a 1 on 1 Single Shaft Combined Cycle with the electric generator located on a common shaft between the M501J combustion turbine and the SRT-50 steam turbine.  MHPSC will also supply the Heat Recovery Steam Generator for each train.  The power trains will each have the capability to efficiently generate over 500 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the Alberta market.  Construction on the first power train Unit 4 will begin in 2015 and the second power train Unit 5 is anticipated to occur one year later.  Unit 4 is expected to become operational as early as late 2018.  We believe that the world class efficiency and reliability of the Mitsubishi M501J Gas Turbine combined with the comprehensive 20 year support for the equipment were crucial factors for the award.  Capital Power/ENMAX has also elected to utilize the single shaft configuration for these power trains.  The highly efficient M501J gas turbine coupled with the single case SRT-50 steam turbine on one shaft allows Capital Power / ENMAX to take advantage of a significant reduction of the plant building size, resulting in overall cost savings to the project.

Mitsubishi’s M501J gas turbine is the largest and most efficient combined cycle gas turbine in commercial operation, with 12 units currently providing reliable generation.  With this announcement, Mitsubishi has now received orders for 36 units of the J series turbine worldwide.  The 12 M501J 60 Hz turbines currently in operation have accumulated more than 86,000 hours of operation to date.  The M501J gas turbines to be installed at the Genesee 4 & 5 Power Generation Facility will be manufactured at MHPSA’s Savannah Machinery Works; its turbine manufacturing and service facility located in Savannah, GA.

Source: Red International Communication