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MMETC takes delivery of four Demag® all terrain cranes

Demag all terrain cranes
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Demag all terrain cranes

Construction company Modern Mechanical, Electrical & Transport Company (MMETC), which is headquartered in Bahrain, took delivery of four Demag® all terrain cranes at the same time: three Demag AC 100-4L units and one Demag AC 160-5.

When it came to the purchase decision, both technical and business aspects were crucial: “The reason we decided on the Demag cranes is that we value not only the extraordinary quality and reliability behind the brand, but also the high profitability of their products when seen from a business perspective,” explains MMETC Managing Director Mohamed Bucheery. “In addition, we’re extremely happy with the after-sales service provided by Demag and how we’ve always been able to rely on it at any time,” Transport & Logistic Manager Edison Sebastian mentions as another reason for the purchase decision.

Source: Terex Cranes

Demag AC 100-4L on LECTURA Specs
Demag AC 160-5 on LECTURA Specs