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Established in June 2014, a Finnish startup NFleet Oy, is working to improve the efficiency and profitability of the transportation industry by introducing modern planning tools. Now expanding to Central European market, NFleet is seeking to co-operate with local logistics software providers in bringing the solution available to transportation companies of all sizes.


Due to their complexity and cost, transportation planning systems with optimization algorithms have previously been the luxury of large transportation and logistics companies. In addition, most transportation planning services in the internet have been too lightweight to take into account the constraints dispatchers deal with on a daily basis.

Building on several years of academic research and enabled by the recent advances in cloud computing, the team of NFleet Oy has developed an optimization solution offered with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model via the internet. NFleet service combines the vehicles and tasks of a transportation company and produces an efficient loading and transportation plan for all the vehicles in few minutes, while considering the constraints of real-life transportation.

NFleet focuses on complementing existing systems and it has been built to be easily integrated into existing transportation management systems or enterprise resource planning software. NFleet offers a developer-friendly, RESTful optimization API to power other systems with optimization capabilities without the risky investment in in-house R&D.

NFleet Oy aims to bring planning tools available for the mainstream of transportation operators, especially for the small and medium size enterprises. The goal is to increase the competitiveness of transportation companies and to support them in pursuing new opportunities created by the recent global trends, such as the increase in delivery transportation due to online shopping, and the expansion of green logistics.