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Modular, open, comprehensive: Rexroth connects off-highway vehicles with flexible Bosch IoT Suite

Bosch Rexroth provides the Connected Off-Highway Solution both as a complete end-to-end solution and in open modules for integration into third-party systems


The Connected Off-Highway Solution is based on the proven Bosch IoT Suite to which more than four million cars are already connected. As a sector-specific pre-configured version of this back-end, the Connected Off-Highway Solution was created with the categories Fleet Management, Vehicle Health, Remote R&D and Workflows. Both the end-to-end solution and the individually selectable modules can be seamlessly linked to third-party systems. Conversely, the open modules can be integrated into existing IoT back-ends in exactly the same way. Together with its parent company, Bosch Rexroth thus combines IoT expertise with proven application experience in the areas of hydraulics, transmission systems, mechanics, diesel engines, electric drives and battery technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly relevant for mobile working machines. However, there has always been a lack of comprehensive solutions, especially for construction machinery, combining a globally reliable IT infrastructure which complies with the relevant legislation with the special sector requirements. The situation has now changed with the launch of the Connected Off-Highway Solution which Bosch Rexroth developed with other partners from the Bosch Group. Bosch Rexroth benefited from the group’s great experience of genuine mass production scaling and in turn global IoT implementation. Between now and 2020, the Bosch IoT Suite, which serves as a back-end, will grow from more than four million to at least 12 million connected vehicles. With the Connected Off-Highway Solution, the world of mobile working machines now benefits from a version of the established Bosch IoT Suite which has been modified and expanded to meet specific needs.

Completely modular and open, the system connects vehicles and their sub-systems via a cloud. The scope of functions can be configured individually via a wide range of apps and open development options. Here, OEMs can design their own applications while machine lessors and insurers can come up with new business models or drive forward future developments. Available and future apps are split into categories with different areas of emphasis. In Fleet Management, apps make it possible to determine the location of vehicles including geofencing for operational planning. For remote maintenance, machine information and process parameters for the sub-systems can also be read out. Vehicle Health serves to monitor mechanical, hydraulic and diesel systems and to make predictions regarding these systems. Detailed information regarding the load collectives that actually occur during operation become available. Predictions regarding the remaining service life of vehicle sub-systems allow needs-based maintenance. In the Workflows category, the data obtained are transferred to conventional ERP and CRM systems as necessary in order to create entire process chains or maintenance workflows. Here, Rexroth works closely with all well-known providers. 

IoT services offer great potential and are going through collaborative change. For this reason, Rexroth has made provisions for as many interfaces as possible with the Connected Off-Highway Solution. Whether it be the integration of third party apps into the Bosch back-end or the incorporation of individual modules into existing IoT back-ends, OEMs and specialist users can create individual solutions themselves. As an end-to-end solution, Rexroth also offers a complete package, which allows companies to comprehensively connect their machines. In all cases, technicians and fleet managers gain an insight into the necessary areas and in a way that provides valuable findings. This information is available throughout the vehicle cycle – from development and assembly to the entire usage phase.

While many providers rely on big data, Rexroth prefers smart data solutions with sophisticated edge analytics. With this method, data are pre-processed close to the sensor, i.e. right at the data source, on the basis of sensors and bus data already present in the vehicle. This reduces not only mobile phone costs but also relieves much of the burden on the vehicles’ E/E architectures.

At bauma 2019, Rexroth will present the Connected Off-Highway Solution and provide information in regular presentations regarding its vision of a scalable, open and easily accessible IoT for mobile working machines.

Source: Bosch Rexroth AG