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MöllerWerke at bauma 2019

The demands made on engines for construction machines are growing constantly. To increase efficiency, engine manufacturers direct their attention to low fuel consumption and correspondingly high litre-output. At the same time, the regulatory requirements for low engine emissions increase. Both aspects lead to units that are more compact. Maintaining or even increasing power usually leads to highly charged engines. The additional components and the necessary peripherals also reduce the available space. Considering all these aspects consequently, there is a need for extremely robust, three-dimensional air guidance systems with as few interfaces as possible.

Safe and reliable air guide systems in and around the engine compartment is the key focus of MoellerWerke and consists of hoses and tubes for air exhausts and intakes. Together with our customers, we develop air guide solutions and mounting concepts that are tailor-made to the respective engine. The materials, the multi-layer composition and the pressure-resistant rings ensure that these hoses and tubes are suitable for all types of system pressure.

MöllerWerke air guide system

The in-depth knowhow becomes apparent in various forms and functions: the special design of the V-clip hoses enables a quick and secure mounting while guaranteeing high reliability. In addition to that, we offer hoses with an integrated connection socket to allow for multiple interfaces.

Customized moulded parts made out of polyurethane compact elastomers allow for a broad range of applications. This material combines high hydrolytic resistance with high resilience. The three-dimensional shaping allows solutions even for difficult problem cases in automotive engineering. The elastic products can be specifically tailored to the hardness-requirements within a range of 60 to 95 shore A. With the help of 3D printing, prototypes are available easily and quickly. In addition to that, these polyurethane products are free from plasticizers.

polyurethane compact elastomers

Mouldings and bellows made of molerit® by dip-moulding, offer unlimited design options and great geometric freedom. Plastic mouldings in a uniformly high and one hundred percent reproducible quality are manufactured by means of a fully automated production process – for quantities from several hundred up to many thousands. This forming process provides substantial cost and time advantages compared to other methods (e.g. injection moulding). 3D design, rapid prototyping and CNC manufacturing secure a quick and inexpensive tool manufacturing. Dip-moulded parts are manufacturable in different material hardness, and can also be cross-linked by high-energy electrons and thereby hardened with utmost precision.


By combining these competences in material and manufacturing, MöllerWerke is able to offer complete system solutions for guiding and guiding media as well as protecting and covering components. The stated goal is to develop and manufacture the optimum solution for technically demanding constructions. The range of individual solutions is thus continuously expanding.

Source: MöllerWerke GmbH