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More Players for Heswall Golf Club Since Toro Fleet Brought In

When the board of directors at Heswall Golf Club on the Wirral Peninsula chose Toro for the first time in 2013, following a lengthy study of the “top three” brands, it was in a move to help improve the quality, appearance and playability of the course.


“Until the end of 2013, we’d never had a Toro machine here at Heswall, so to go from nothing to a whole fleet was a big move,” says Guy Cannings, course manager. Although Toro performed brilliantly in the demos, and in all areas actually, any step into the unknown comes with uncertainty.”

There was no need for reservations though, as Cannings says the “since we’ve started using Toro the course’s aesthetics have improved and we are attracting more players to the club as a result, which is fantastic.”

Not only has the Toro fleet proved itself by helping improve the quality of the existing course, but it has also tended six greens as they have been relaid. And, as a result of its positive performance, Heswall has since added to the shed with another Reelmaster® 3100-D with Sidewinder®, a Groundsmaster® 4700-D and a ProPass™ 200 trailed topdresser.

Cannings says: “When it came to adding to our fleet, we didn’t just opt for Toro again simply to add to an existing predominantly Toro fleet. We conducted a thorough evaluation and Toro came out on top again.

“The Reelmaster 3100-D has proved itself over the last couple of years; it’s really economical, which is why we have invested in another for the greens. This will complement the original Sidewinder, which will now apply its versatility on the greens surrounds, tee banks and semi-roughs.”

Steve Halley of Cheshire Turf Machinery, Heswall’s local Toro dealer and who worked with the Club on the deal, says: “Before any machinery was installed, we took the greens staff to Reesink Turfcare headquarters in St Neots for operator training. This was to ensure the team was confident in the operation of the mowers, how to get the most out of their new machinery, and maneuver the fleet safely and skillfully.”

Reesink is renowned for its industry-leading training, which is delivered by nationally recognized quality-assured trainers and assessors, and is committed to those companies, like Heswall, who wish to develop and invest in their employees’ skills.

It also provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better, as Halley confirms: “Not only are the training courses beneficial on a practical level, they also offer the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. We’ve really enjoyed working with Guy, Graham [Capewell, club secretary] and the team over the last couple of years, and it’s great to hear they are finding more players now enjoying their beautiful course and all it has to offer.” 

Source: The Toro Company