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New product innovation in screening and drying/cooling

Allgaier Process Technology at Bauma 2019

Allgaier Process Technology strengthens its position as market leader in drying/cooling and screening technology linked with digital services and launches at Bauma 2019 – in hall B2, booth 407 – three new products: the MSizer compact and MSizer giant linked with the Allgaier ProcessApp and an Augmented-Reality-Device as well as the new Drum Dryer/Cooler TK-D System Mozer.


Allgaier Drum Dryer/Cooler System Mozer are worldwide known for high-quality and high-performance drying and cooling systems. The new Drum Dryer/Cooler TK-D can be used for an extremely broad range of applications - especially for the treatment of minerals, building and raw materials. It enables combined drying and cooling of dried solids approaching especially low temperatures, around the ambient temperature or the temperature of the cooling air used. Offering high energy efficiency through heat recovery in the drying process and evaporative cooling - the re-evaporation of residual moisture from the solid in the cooling process - in the cooling process, the TK-D has a reduced power consumption of nearly 20 %. Due to its single-shell-design the TK-D is particularly easy to maintain and thus reduces the TCO enormously.

Advanced MSizer product range scores with digital service

The MSizer is based on the Sizer screening technology developed by Fredrik Mogensen more than five decades ago, with several screen decks arranged on top of each other, with the topmost screen having the smallest and the bottommost screen having the greatest inclination. The new MSizer compact is a completely new developed short-deck-sizer with high screening efficiency, large capacity and a small footprint. Thus the MSizer compact achieves a throughput of over 40 t/h e.g. for feed screening. Each machine is customized to the client’s specific requirements. The MSizer comes in four sizes, with inner widths ranging from 0.5 m to 2 m, reflecting the capacity, and with 1 to 4 screening decks. The design of the inlet and outlets allow for a flexible configuration.

The new MSizer giant is the most powerful and flexible long-deck classifier machine based on the Sizer principle. With a throughput of over 80 t/h, e.g. when screening granulated sugar, the MSizer giant becomes the largest sizer in the world. The MSizer giant is built exclusively with 3 m working width and with a screen deck length of 3.35 m; optionally with 2 to 6 screen decks. Thus, the MSizer giant is suitable for all applications that require extra volume, such as sugar or building materials. This makes it possible to reduce the number of sizers or conventional screening machines in large production plants and with it effectively reduce the investment costs in infrastructure and maintenance. Due to its size the MSizer giant will only be shown digitally at Bauma 2019.

The gap between the two new models is completed by the fully optimized MSizer extend, which was already introduced in 2017 and can be used in almost all bulk material applications. All MSizer models are embedded into the new Allgaier ProcessApp release 1.2, which is available in 5 languages for Andoid and iOS. With the ProcessApp customers benefit from the additional Service2Go offerings. Customers can now request spare parts from their machine online, view the documentation of their specific machine with the help of an interactive drawing, or contact the manufacturer via smartphone or tablet directly at the production site.

Allgaier Process Technology with its core brands Allgaier, Mogensen, Gosag and Mozer is the market leader in custom-made systems for industrial washing, drying, cooling, screening and sorting applications for all types of bulk material. With a presence in over 40 countries, Allgaier Process Technology serves more than 30,000 manufacturing customers in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and feed, waste and recycling, mining and metallurgy, biofuels, wood, ceramics, plastics and stones & soil.

Source: Allgaier-Group