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New Range of Small Articulated Loaders from Bobcat

Bobcat Small articulated loader L28
Bobcat Europe
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Bobcat Small articulated loader L28


- Bobcat Aims to Expand Customer Base with Increased Loader Offer -


Bobcat has launched the company’s new L23 and L28 small articulated loaders (SALs), offering high lift capacities in confined spaces, ease-of-use with simple intuitive controls and low ground disturbance for working on any terrain. The new SALs continue Bobcat’s expansion in the compact wheel loader market and confirm that the company now has the largest loader portfolio of any manufacturer in the world.

Designed and built by Bobcat at the company’s North American facilities, the new SALs offer impressive stability and tipping loads of up to 1.39 tonne. It is therefore easy to place loads with the SALs over trenches and pavements, a task that is further enhanced by the excellent all-round visibility on both machines. The high lift capacities compared to machine weight are ideal for heavy lift and carry operations in confined areas. The extendable boom on the L28 provides more options for easy placement of loads and counterweight options allow the user to customize the capacity to the application.

The machines’ compact size, with a width of just over one metre combined with a tight turning radius, allow Bobcat SALs to work easily even in tricky and hard to reach areas. Despite their robust construction, the SALs are also built to be light enough for easy transportation.

Bobcat Small articulated loader L28 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

New SALs Increase Reach of Bobcat Loader Range

Entering the SAL market allows Bobcat to extend the breadth and reach of its loader range, increasing business opportunities for both the company and the comprehensive network of Bobcat Authorised Dealers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The new SALs allow Bobcat to attract more customers in the growing landscaping, light construction and municipality maintenance markets, as well as powering growth in agriculture and horticulture.

John Chattaway, Loaders Product Manager at Bobcat, said: “SALs pack a serious punch in a compact, lightweight package that's wonderfully easy to operate, making them a powerful and handy multi-purpose tool for a wide range of applications. Both the L23 and L28 are 25 HP machines with intuitive controls that make them ideal for almost any user to operate, appealing to an even wider customer base and extending the reach of Bobcat loader products.

“The key attributes that SAL users are looking for are a high lifting capacity coupled with stability and low ground disturbance as these machines are mainly used in load and carry applications. Bobcat brings to this market the company’s years of experience in the loader business enabling us to build machines that are safe, reliable and very durable. This adds up to a quality of machine not matched by our competitors.”

Bobcat Small articulated loader L23 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Easy-to-Use Operation and Controls

Bobcat SALs are available with canopy and cab versions, both specially designed to provide extra space where needed for easy entry, exit and operator comfort. The controls are intuitive for all levels of operator experience and an enclosed cab and heated seat are available for colder climates.

A simple, intuitive twin-pedal design on the SALs enables quick and easy direction changes: one pedal moves the machine forward, the other puts it into reverse. These travel controls are easy for operators to master, making the SAL a great choice for seasonal employees or rental customers. It is also convenient and simple for operators who need to master controls for multiple machines.

Bobcat Small articulated loader L28 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

In addition to its impressive lift capacity, the L28 has a telescoping lift arm that extends the lifting

height and reach. It also includes an innovative dual-cylinder design that keeps the load level as the operator moves the bucket and handles materials at height. The telescopic cylinder is synchronized with a hydraulic levelling link, providing assistance with levelling and helping to prevent spillage over the back of the bucket, again greatly improving ease-of-use and productivity.

To ensure the new SALs are truly multi-purpose machines, Bobcat has utilised the company’s unmatched expertise in attachments, to develop a special version of the proprietary Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system allowing the use of both S70/MT55 and S100/S450 approved attachments.

The dependable, in-line mounted high torque engine, is Stage V certified but mechanically governed so that it can be used in all regions. The efficient cooling system on the SALs offers improved operation and component protection for class-leading performance.

Bobcat Small articulated loader L23 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Excellent Attributes for Groundcare Work

Specifically designed not to damage surfaces, Bobcat SALs achieve very minimal ground disturbance not only through the use of an articulated joint, which enables the rear tyres to match the front tyre path when turning, but also the turf-safe mode that limits wheel slippage. This means Bobcat SALs are ideal for those landscaping, construction and maintenance projects where space is minimal and ground care is needed.

Depending on the operating conditions, Bobcat SALs automatically enable one of two traction modes: High-Traction Mode for control over rough and slippery terrain or Turf-Safe Mode for the least possible ground disturbance.

Bobcat Small articulated loader L28 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

In the High-Traction Mode, when the steering wheel is not turning, improved traction provides excellent control and mobility over rough or slippery terrain. The Turf-Safe Mode allows active steering and keeps the wheels from scrubbing on the ground, causing the least possible ground disturbance. In addition, an optional traction assist, similar to a differential lock, enables the operator to momentarily override the automatic modes to travel through adverse conditions at the touch of a switch.

Bobcat Small articulated loader L28 <br> Image source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Source: Doosan Bobcat EMEA

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