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Next generation of mobile electronics is ready

At Agritechnica 2017, Bosch Rexroth will unveil the next generation of controllers for mobile working machines developed jointly with Bosch. It combines proven features, such as free programmability with a new hardware architecture and a future-proof software concept. Developed to meet more demanding system requirements, Bosch Rexroth is developing sensors with SENT interface at the same time, which in addition to all measured values also transmit condition data to the controller. The first controllers as well as the SENT sensors will go into series production as early as 2018.


Within the framework of the new Bosch electric/electronic (E/E) architecture for commercial vehicles and mobile working machines, Bosch Rexroth is currently developing a new series of controllers. In addition to advanced multi-core processors, it uses new ASICs for flexible I/O connections, as well as a variety of interfaces such as SENT (SAE J2716™), CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate) and Ethernet BroadR-Reach® (100Base-T1). The ISOBUS (ISO 11783) Physical Layer also belongs to the range of interfaces. The new scalable Bosch Rexroth hardware platform offers the user pin-compatible controllers in several configuration levels in order to select the appropriate controller depending on the particular application.

Even if, "under the hood", the new generation of controllers uses tried-and-tested basic software for all necessary processes according to the AUTOSAR automotive standard, the user can still count on simple programming according to IEC 61131-3 or in C language. This is achieved by means of an uncomplicated application programming interface (API). The application programmer therefore gets the opportunity to develop software modules that are interaction-free based on multi-core technology and to efficiently bring any necessary changes into series production at a later date.

The new generation also takes account of increasing demands in terms of machine safety and data security. It supports the feedback-free design of functional safety up to Performance Level d according to EN ISO 13849-1, as well as up to Agricultural Performance Level d according to ISO 25119. Integrated hardware encryption modules protect against attacks on the data integrity of the vehicle.

The increasing incorporation of functions in the software often places even higher demands on the availability and accuracy of sensor data. That's why Bosch Rexroth equips sensors for mobile working machines with the SENT interface, which is already widely used in the automotive industry. The values from several sensor elements can be transmitted digitally and securely via a single data line without being subjected to electromagnetic interference, which is the case with analog interfaces. The accuracy of the measurement is dependent only on the sensor and not the controller. In addition to the actual measurement data, SENT sensors also provide more information on the sensor as well as diagnostic data. In this way, the controller receives important status information, which in turn increases the availability of the machine. Starting with the PR4 pressure sensor for pressures up to 280 bar, Bosch Rexroth will be offering an ever-increasing number of sensors with a SENT interface in the next few years.

Source: Bosch Rexroth AG