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Number of Cargotec class B shares increases through subscription with 2010 stock options on 18 May 2015

A total number of 253,134 new Cargotec class B shares have been subscribed for with 2010A stock options. The entire subscription price of EUR 4,569,920.10 will be credited to the reserve for invested non-restricted equity. This means that Cargotec's share capital remains unchanged. The amount of class B shares after the subscription is 55,164,343.

The corresponding increase in the number of Cargotec shares has been entered into the Finnish trade register on 18 May 2015, as of which date the new shares will establish shareholder rights. The shares will be traded on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd together with the old class B shares as of 19 May 2015.

The share subscription period with 2010A stock options ended on 30 April 2015. During the subscription period, a total of 384,912 class B shares were subscribed. After the end of the share subscription period the unused 2010A stock options have been null and void and will automatically be removed from the book-entry accounts of option holders.

The share subscription period for 2010B stock options will last until 30 April 2016. Each stock option entitles to subscribe for one new Cargotec class B share. The 2010C stock options held by Cargotec were cancelled in spring 2014, as the earnings criteria for the stock options were not fulfilled.

The terms and conditions of 2010 stock options with additional information are available on Cargotec's website at

Source: Cargotec