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Kögel Box in the PostNord design Go to photo
Kögel Box in the PostNord design

PostNord has decided to use 51 new Kögel Box dry freight box bodies for inter-hub transports

  • Kögel Box semi-trailers for transporting letters and parcels


The Swedish-Danish postal company PostNord Sverige AB, with its headquarters in Solna in the province of Stockholm in Sweden, will in future be using 51 new Kögel Box dry freight box bodies for transporting letters and parcels. PostNord has decided to use the 2-axle version with plywood walls and a lightly insulated roof. With a low tare weight starting at 6,100 kilograms in its basic form, Kögel Box semi-trailers have plenty of payload. The dry freight box bodies provides premium transport quality and protection from environmental influences and theft. With a wide range of equipment options, PostNord has configured the semi-trailers to suit its requirements. PostNord will be procuring the new Kögel box semi-trailers from OF Ekeri AB, Kögel’s authorised dealer in Sweden.

Box body with plywood sides and insulated roof

The sturdy chassis, which uses the Kögel modular system, can withstand every ramp and any forklift truck with its consistent modules, assemblies and components, and its standard reinforced rear frame with its 720-millimetre-long, rigidly welded steel bridging plate and protective bumpers. The box body of the Kögel Box consists of 20-millimetre-thick plywood composite panels with GFRP coating. The smooth GFRP surface makes the sides highly impact-resistant. They are also easy to clean.


The 40-millimetre-thick insulated roof, produced in-house, comes with a high-quality, advanced and highly insulating special foam that is 100 percent CFC-free. Four interior LED lights integrated in the roof provide adequate lighting inside the dry freight box body, with switches on the control panel. The 30-millimetre-thick screen-printed floor for is designed for a fork-lift axle load of 7,200 kilograms. In addition, the Kögel Box dry freight box bodies have a load-securing certificate as standard, in accordance with DIN EN 12642 Code XL.

A wide range of individual features

PostNord has opted for versatile individual equipment. The trailers have RoRo equipment for unaccompanied ship and ferry transport and a telematics system.

Cathodic dip-paint coating: lasting protection from corrosion

The entire vehicle frame of the Kögel Box semi-trailers is also given long-lasting protection against corrosion by nano-ceramic technology and cathodic dip-paint coating with subsequent UV painting.

Source: Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG