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Preview Bauma Munich: BAUER Maschinen Group presents state- of-the-art technology for specialist foundation engineering

Whether it is drilling, diaphragm wall, piling or mixing plant technology, visitors to the Bauma booth FN 520 (open-air area north) of the BAUER Maschinen Group will once again experience the entire range of specialist foundation technology in April. "As we are a global player with Bavarian roots, Bauma in Munich is of course always a very special highlight," explains Dr. Ruediger Kaub, Managing Director of BAUER Maschinen GmbH. In addition to the core range of Bauer rotary drilling rigs, the MC series of duty-cycle cranes, diaphragm wall technology with cutters and grabs, the subsidiaries Klemm, Prakla, Hausherr, RTG, ABS Trenchless and MAT will also be showing off their equipment and systems .


In addition, Bauer is celebrating a special anniversary in 2019. Exactly 50 years ago, in 1969, Bauer began to manufacture own machines and equipment and presented the first UBW 01 hydraulic universal drilling rig. In 1976, the development of the BG 7 followed, which revolutionized cased large diameter drilling. Other milestones, to name just a few, were the first Bauer BC 30 cutter in 1984, the successful launch of MC duty-cycle cranes in 2007 or the development of EEP Energy Efficient Power technology, which set a new standard in terms of efficiency.

Bauer PremiumLine rotary drilling rigs

In order to be flexibly prepared for the demands of the market, in 2011, BAUER Maschinen GmbH introduced the two drilling rig lines ValueLine and PremiumLine. While the PremiumLine machines focus not only on high-tech Kelly drilling but also on multifunctional applications for a wide range of challenges in specialist foundation engineering, the ValueLine is optimized for Kelly drilling.

At the Bauma 2019, Bauer will be presenting its core range of machines for specialist foundation engineering with three PremiumLine heavy-duty rotary drilling rigs – BG 23 H, BG 33 and BG 45 will demonstrate the multifunctional character of this rig series. Equipped with various attachments and tools, they show a small selection of possible applications using PremiumLine rigs. On all machines, tried-and-tested, performance- enhancing and, at the same time, consumption-reducing improvements were implemented in heavy-duty practical use. All machines are equipped with Bauer's award-winning Energy Efficient Power technology EEP.

Numerous safety innovations

The BG 23 H and BG 33 will be shown on the new base carriers BT 65 and BT 85 of the latest generation, with significant safety innovations. These base carriers now also have an integrated service platform for easy, convenient and secure access for maintenance work. The practical service platform can be pulled out like a drawer, so the motor paneling automatically becomes the fall protection.

The PremiumLine portfolio will be completed by the BG 23 H, equipped with H-kinematics. At the exhibition, the machine will be shown with an advanced continuous flight auger (CFA) system.

The BG 33 rotary drilling rig is the successor to the bestsellers BG 28 and BG 30 and is available again for the worldwide markets through the use of CAT engines with the latest exhaust gas purification technology. The machine is equipped with the extremely robust V- kinematics and places the focus on heavy-duty casing work at the Bauma. Like all PremiumLine V-series rigs, this machine is now equipped with a single-ply piggyback winch, and, in conjunction with the new adaptive Kelly speed assistant, is perfectly prepared for automated and fully supervised high-performance operation of the Kelly bar. With the BG 45 Bauer is presenting a very proven and powerful PremiumLine machine from the upper-level V-series. The machine is equipped with an advanced drilling system for creating deep, full displacement piles with the LostBit method. The BS 95 base carrier is perfectly prepared with a special equipment package.

Bauer ValueLine rotary drilling rigs

As "specialists" for Kelly drilling, Bauer's ValueLine machines are reduced to the bare essentials. In 2018, Bauer launched the BG 15 H, a completely new ValueLine rig that makes a clear statement in terms of functionality while offering all the benefits for handling the challenges on small construction sites. With this new rig generation, Bauer also continues to rely on the 186 kW Caterpillar diesel engines for strong performance and low fuel consumption. The optimally adjusted hydraulic system has already proven itself in practical deployment and has a positive impact on fuel consumption.

The BAUER BG 15 H is available in two different configurations and is, therefore, extremely flexible and versatile. The standard model, for example, not only offers a drilling depth of 32 m but also the option of "drilling under the mast." In addition, the upgraded version provides customers with the option of a drilling depth of up to 44 m and the CFA method.

An absolute highlight is the BT 50 base carrier, completely redesigned and -manufactured by Bauer, which now offers a whole range of benefits even for small machines. The integrated service platform allows easy access to all maintenance and service points in the upper carriage and, at the same time, meets the highest standards in terms of occupational safety. Combined with a transport width of just 2.5 m, this system is unique. Thanks to a new operating concept, all essential work functions can be controlled via joystick. Displays, operational controls and the air-sprung operator seat form an ergonomic unit. But the BG 15 H also brings a new level of comfort to servicing: a very deep center tunnel ensures a transport height of just 3.3 m and also serves as a service tunnel. This means that all maintenance and service points can be accessed conveniently from both sides.

In addition to the BG 15 H, the BAUER Maschinen Group is also presenting a completely new ValueLine rig at Bauma 2019 – so visitors can look forward to a true world premiere. Duty-cycle cranes and diaphragm wall technology.

Over the last few years, the MC duty-cycle crane series have solidified their territory in the Bauer product portfolio and are the preferred choice for many specialist foundation methods which require a duty-cycle crane as base machine. In particular, the development of the new mid-size platform has provided excellent conditions for a broader expansion beyond exclusively foundation engineering applications. This applies primarily to traditional duty-cycle crane equipment, such as mechanical and hydraulic grabs, vibrators of various designs, but also the use of pounders in automated soil compaction. Especially the robustness of the MCs is outstanding: The cranes are designed to withstand the high dynamic loads typical for specialist foundation engineering. As a result, they are generally ideal for other demanding operations. This is ensured by the robust steel construction, the flexible operating functionality and the use of high-quality components.

An attraction at the Bauer booth will be a model construction site for diaphragm wall technology. A BC trench cutter will be shown on an MC 96 duty-cycle crane – together with a guide wall. The MC 96 has been very popular in the 130 t class for many years as a reliable machine designed to suit construction site environments. The product range of the medium-sized duty-cycle cranes will be supplemented by the MC 86 as a 110 t duty-cycle crane and, most recently, the MC 76 in the 90 t category on the basis of the identical upper carriage platform.

Another outstanding characteristic are the MC's safety and environmental features, some of which are available only from Bauer, such as the personal safety system for the boom walkway, monitored rope anchorage or the noise protection kit. These provide practical solutions for improving safety levels on construction sites and help to improve the environmental sustainability of large-scale duty-cycle cranes. In addition, further developments have been carried out with regard to control technology, digitization, EEP, multi-remote control and the operator's cab.

In addition to the BAUER MC 96, a diaphragm wall grab will be "working" on a GB 50 base machine at the Bauer booth, equipped with a HDSG 80 system integrated into a boom for hoisting the hydraulic hoses and a DHG V diaphragm wall grab. The base machine has a continuous CAN connection in the grab with online data transmission. This allows for the use of special features, such as the display of the shovel position, the gyrocompass or the flaps control in the x, y and z direction. The GB 50 is equipped with two free-fall winches onto which the DHG V is mounted. The latter is designed for trench widths between 600 and 1,800 mm, and special equipment with chisel teeth can be attached for hard ground conditions.

In addition, an RG 27 S from RTG Rammtechnik GmbH will be presented with CSM equipment for cutter soil mixing (CSM) and a BCM 10 mixing head with a max. mixing depth of over 30 m. The system has steering flaps to maintain verticality and, thanks to its turnable mast, the RG offers a high degree of mobility and flexibility on confined construction site conditions. Several plants from BAUER MAT Slurry Handling Systems will supplement the diaphragm wall systems on display.

Pile drivers from RTG Rammtechnik

RTG Rammtechnik, a part of the BAUER Maschinen Group for more than 20 years, will also be presenting their equipment at the booth with the RG 27S and the RG 19T in a “construction site situation”. As described, the RG 27S is equipped for the CSM method; the RG 19T with its SilentVibro MR 150 AVM sound-insulated silo vibrator is equipped for the insertion of sheet pile walls. Between both machines, there will be a VdW 50/100 from EURODRILL GmbH “in use” for the construction of a secant bored pile wall. The methods shown illustrate the advantages of RTG devices for foundation work directly on buildings. With the RG 19T, visitors to the booth will be able to experience another world premiere patented by RTG Rammtechnik: a sheet pile assistant that entails enormous savings in terms of time and safety. In addition, there are operating controls via Remote Control Operate, a multifunctional auxiliary winch and the operator's cab equipped with B-Drive. In general, the RG 19T is suited for continuous heavy-duty use. Thanks to the (optional) sound-insulated vibrator SilentVibro MR 150 AVM, the machine is also extremely quiet and therefore predestined for use in inner-city areas. At the same time, the Energy-Efficient Power Technology (EEP) developed by Bauer ensures maximum energy efficiency with reduced fuel consumption. The hammer product range will feature the latest-generation HRS 6, which can be quickly attached to RTG equipment using a patented system. Compact drilling rigs from Klemm Bohrtechnik

KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH is the center of competence for anchor drilling rigs and small- diameter drilling in specialist foundation engineering within the BAUER Maschinen Group. The product range includes anchor drilling rigs of various sizes, injection equipment, hydraulic hammers and a comprehensive range of drilling accessories. At the Bauma 2019, Klemm will be once again presenting several new developments. The focus of the exhibits is on innovations in the field of kinematics and device control as well as on the topics of energy efficiency and functional safety.

The exhibits include the new KR 704-2E drilling rig. With its compact dimensions, it was specially developed for use within existing buildings. The electric drive allows work to be carried out extremely quietly and without exhaust emissions. Also on display will be the KR 709-3G drilling rig – a further development of the previous model in the version for CFA piling – as well as the universal drilling rig KR 909-3G, equipped with a hydraulic hammer KD 2524 and MAG 2.5V. One of the highlights among the Klemm exhibits promises to be the KR 806-3GS from the tried-and-tested 806 series. It is sure to shine with its newly developed kinematics, high load-carrying capacity and various pivoting possibilities. The KR 805-3G anchor drilling rig will be available in a version with a light, very long feed and grab magazine. The HBR 120 boom handling module combines innovative technology with a high degree of occupational safety. It was awarded the EURO TEST prize at Bauma 2016.

Source: BAUER Maschinen Group