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Rabbit G'n Wild at Great Eccleston show

Here's a little update on how things are going with the strongest MF tractor ever - Rabbit G'n Wild. The information comes from the Rabbit Pulling team. The team travels around Denmark and Europe with Rabbit G’n Wild and their other tractor, Rabbit G’n Mad.

"Friday July 17 we arrived at Great Eccleston and settled in. We were there as guest riders with our first run on Sunday, so on Saturday we had time to see the entire site. The event is a combination of a cattle show, machinery exhibition, fun fair and of course tractor pulling.

Sunday was very windy, but sunshine all day and no rain. There were only four competitors in our class, and two of them were ours. We made two great pulls in the first round; the red rabbit was the best of the two. But in the second round I had to make some adjustments that affected the run, so unfortunately it was not as good as the first one. But in total distance the red rabbit ran longer than the blue”, says Ilse Korsager, main driver of Rabbit G’n Wild.

The final result was a second place on the podium for Rabbit G’n Wild. The blue rabbit took first place this time, but in total a great success for the Danish team.

Many competitions cancelled during the summer

Rabbit G'n Wild had many competitions in the calendar during the spring and summer of this year, but the Danish summer has been quite bad with a lot of rain, and therefore many competitions have been cancelled. Instead Rabbit G’n Wild has participated in various exhibitions and participated as guest “star” in events in Denmark and Europe. They wanted to drive as much as possible even though their own competitions were cancelled.

Prior to the trip to England Rabbit G'n Wild participated in a pulling event in in Putten, Netherlands on July 11, but here things did not go according to plan. The tractor lost one of the front wheels during the competition. Luckily the problem was solved before the event in Great Eccleston.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson