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App enables control of tipper trailers via smartphone


With intelligent assistance systems, an innovative remote control via a smartphone app and overall monitoring of the trailer equipment, Schmitz Cargobull tipper trailers have become mobile drivers of innovation. With remote control via an app for tipper trailers, Schmitz Cargobull fulfills the wish of many owners and drivers to have  the ability to control the operation of various functions via a smartphone. With the S.KI Control app, the driver saves time and energy and receives the latest data about the current condition of their vehicle and load through comprehensive information.

The app is designed so the driver receives all the necessary information quickly and efficiently on a well-designed display. In addition, he is automatically alerted of any dangerous situations. The following functions can be controlled via the S.KI Control app:

  • The articulation angle assistant checks the exact alignment of the tractor with the trailer. Both should be exactly in line for optimum safety when tipping. Critical articulation angles trigger an alarm, and the tipping process is interrupted.

  • The tilt angle assistant checks the horizontal position before tipping to minimise the risk of the trailer tipping over. In the event of excessive lateral inclination, it emits a warning alert or interrupts the tipping process. The automatic lowering of the air suspension provides for a lower centre of gravity and thus greater tipping stability.

  • Tipping angle assistant: The ability to control the tipping angle enables an additional assistance function. If the body has not been completely lowered after tipping, collisions can occur, and considerable damage can be caused when driving through underpasses or over bridges etc. To prevent this happening, an app function warns the driver if he is travelling with an incompletely lowered body after  only a few metres. In addition, the total height of the vehicle when the body is tipped is shown in the app.

  • The tyre pressure assistant constantly measures the air pressure in each individual tyre and compares it with the pre-set target value. It intervenes automatically in the event of a deviation and corrects the pressure by automatically refilling the required amount of air. The current pressure of each tyre can be called up at any time via the app.

  • To simplify pulling away from a standstill, or to prevent tractor units (in particular 4x2 units) from becoming stuck when working on construction sites, the trailer can also be equipped with fully automatic traction support. The system identifies slip on the drive axle and improves the traction by automatically activating the lift axle or emptying the air bellows on the first axle.

  • The tipper trailer can be equipped with an optional electrically powered sliding tarpaulin along with cargo area monitoring. This reduces the risk of accidents for the driver, because there is no longer any need to climb up onto the semi-trailer to open or close the tarpaulin, as this can now be done remotely. The driver can comfortably monitor the loading process from the cab via a camera.

  • An additional reversing camera monitors the area behind the trailer when tipping or reversing, providing protection against collision damage. At the same time, the risk of injury to persons behind the vehicle, who are not visible in the side mirrors, can be minimised.

  • A remote-controlled, folding underride guard serves to prevent injuries caused by manually folding or extending the underride guard underneath the tail end of the semi-trailer. Due to this remote-controlled underride guard, the driver does not need to frequently climb in and out of the cab

  • An integrated weighing system offers the option of checking the weight of the bulk material in the body via the smartphone app. This way, overloading of the tipper trailer at loading locations without a weighbridge can be avoided. The vehicle is protected, and excessive wear is prevented. For the loader, transport company and driver, penalties for overloading can thus be avoided.

  • The i-Level electronically controlled, pneumatic suspension provides the driver and operator with extensive advantages over purely pneumatic systems. They have full control of all functions via a smartphone. In addition, i-Level possesses a memory function that allows different unloading levels to be programmed. This saves time when unloading and enables precise adjustment of the unloading height. This way, the driver can pre-set the pneumatic suspension level when working with a road finisher.

Source: Schmitz Cargobull AG